Updated May 27, 2007

    This section contains a brief description of main weapons of the Soviet Army (RKKA) in the World War II.

    I'll try to give a short description of serial equipment of the Soviet Army (RKKA), or vehicles, had been used in combats. As there existed much modifications of them, I'll adduce only documentary ones. If you are interested in additional information, contact me

Brief Description of Soviet Equipment

  1. Tanks
    1. Light Tanks
    2. Medium Tanks
    3. Heavy Tanks
  2. Self-Propelled Guns
  3. Armored Cars
  4. Captured Tanks in RKKA (table)


upSpecification of Soviet Equipment


upOther Articles and Tables

Data on equipment of specific units may be found in Formations or Battles sections

Images of weapons available in Galleries section.

*-It should be noted that both "Stalin line" and "Molotov line" were never been called so in the Soviet sources.

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