Armored Cars of RKKA

April 26, 2003

  1. BA-64 (1942-…)
  2. BA-20 (1936-41)
  3. FAI (1932-38)
  4. BA-3
  5. BA-6
  6. BA-10/BA-10M (1938-41)
  7. BA-11/BA-11D (1939-41)
  8. BA-27(1928)/BA-27M(1931)

First of all I must say that I have no such detailed information about Soviet armoured cars as I have about tanks and self-propelled guns. So, I can miss some modifications thereof.

***abbreviation BA="BroneAvtomobil" is translated as Armoured Car

*** speed is given on highway

up1. BA-64 (1942-…)

Comments: A single soviet armoured car model produced during WW2. Was made on base of GAZ-64 car. Had modification BA-64B on base of GAZ-64B jeep

up2.BA-20 (1936-41)

up3. FAI (1932-38)

Comments: Existed at least one modification: FAI-M

up4. BA-3

up5. BA-6

up6. BA-10/BA-10M (1938-41)

Comments: Based on GAS-AAA truck. Was similar to BA-3 and BA-6. I saw difference only in turret's shape. As I have seen BA-6's turret looks like T-26's cylindrical reduced one. BA-10M(1939) had improved radiator defense and steering control. Also it had a new radio.

up7. BA-11/BA-11D (1939-41)

Comments: It was built on ZIS-6 truck chassis. Was similar to BA-10, but more heavy.

BA-11D-diesel modification. Data for this modification is given in brackets.

Was used in the first period of war on Leningrad front.

up8. BA-27(1928)/BA-27M(1931)

Comments: This car was too old, but also took part in first battles. Was built on bases of 3 trucks: AMO-F-15 (1928), Ford-AA, Ford-Timken (3 triaxial (BA-27M))

  1. In RKKA were used a huge number of lend-lease armoured carriers (like M3A1 and "Universal").
  2. I have no information about oldest versions of armoured cars, e.g. those used by Baltic corpses in June 41. They were a few armoured cars WW1 period ("Austin" (sp?) )

Data for "Austin-Putilovets" modification: