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 In this website you can find maps, useful info about strength and orders of battles of the Soviet troops, images of different vehicles, brief information about weapons, uniform, etc. I use information from Russian sites and literature. I'm not a professional interpreter, so apologies in advance for any mistakes in my English.

    Some figures may vary, as I take them from different sources and unfortunately I can't pay time to analyze each one to make sure they are 100% correct. Except some cases I try to use more or less believable sources.

    I'm trying to avoid conflicts with copyright law. For any image or translated article all references are given. If you think that any of the publications on this site breaks your rights, please feel free to contact me.

    All materials posted on this site are restricted only for private - not for commercial use.

    This site's development depends on you too! Your wishes and remarks are taken into account in my work.

    Please, don't ask me to give large amounts of translated text (i.e. battle descriptions, detailed OOBs of large formations etc.). It's a very time-consuming operation. If I am able in the future, I'll upload more information of this sort. I apologize, if I can't help somebody. Traffic of my site is close to 1,000 visitors per day and even if only few of them asks me some questions, you can guess how much time I need to answer all of them....

   If you like to support my site, any donations are welcomed. They will be spent for getting new books and other needed materials.

You also can order updating of section you are interested in. First of all I speak about Galleries section. I have enormous amount of photos and images in different books. So, I simply can't handle them all!

One kinda request to all my correspondents, especially who writes me for the first time - to confirm receiving my replies. Sometimes mails from my address are blocked by your mail daemons for SPAM and not every time I can trace such type of problems. Last time AOL mailboxes constantly rejects my e-mails.

I'm also searching for anybody who knows Russian to help me in the translation of (at least) tables, or list of abbreviations! If you don't know Russian, but want to help you may take part in grammar correction of existing texts, or to donate a sum of money which I will use to provide new materials for the website.



    I obtain much materials, so I need an enormous amount of time for translating alone! In the past year their amount again increased. To my calculations, I'll need ~10 years to upload all of them myself!!! (No, I was too optimistic writing this in 2005...Now I estimate needed time to be ~100 years)

As I have many problems with free time, I'll concentrate on several sections.
Updates of other sections will be more infrequent. I'm speaking here about my own efforts. If anybody would care to contribute something in the development of the other sections, this is welcomed.
Among the battles I will try to pay more attention battles in Hungary around Budapest and Balaton lake.
And at last I hope to finish a large-scale internal reconstruction of site, which started several months ago. You may be unaware of it, as I perform this process without much difference between old and new appearances. 80 HTML pages out of roughly 470 have not been improved yet.

Now briefly about myself. The great shortage of time is caused by my work on two jobs and work on my thesis. I kindly ask you to avoid long discussions with me either in the forum or by e-mail. This correspondence takes away from the time I have available for the site's development!...


I hope you'll enjoy materials of my site.


Alex (aka AMVAS)


March 31, 2006

When I'm writing this message (March 6, 2007) I am in progress of changing my working place.

My new chief insists on temporary reducing contacts of mine for WWII subjects and on concentrating myself on the Ph.D. thesis to finish them within a year.

So, I'm not sure if I can help you this year.

I always tried to help my correspondents to resolve their problems, but just now I think I need to refuse from this practice for saving my time. So, plz, forgive me, if I can't help you.

However, issues with paid research are still supported.



Alex aka AMVAS


March 6'2007


My mailboxes : amvas73@narod.ru, rkkaww2@narod.ru

I reply to everybody! If I'm silent that must be fault of your anti-SPAM filters!!!


I appreciate the invaluable help:

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