II. Medium Tanks

updated October 07, 2003

***Tank speed here is maximal, range is given on byroads.
  1. T-28
    1. T-28M34 (1934-38)
    2. T-28M38 (1938-40)
    3. T-28M40 (1940) with conical turret
    4. T-28E (1939-40)
    5. T-29
    6. IT-28
  2. T-34
    1. T-34M40
    2. T-34M41
    3. T-34-57 (1941)
    4. T-34M41-42 (1941-42)
    5. Screened T-34
    6. T-34-76 (1942-43)
    7. OT-34 (1942-44)
    8. T-34-76 (1943-44)
    9. T-34-76 commander tank (1942-44)
    10. T-34-85 (1944-47)
    11. T-34-85 (D-5)
    12. OT-34-85 (1944-45)
  3. T-44

up1. T-28

Main medium tank of RKKA in the 1930th. Existed in a few modifications. Main serial ones are listed:

up1a. T-28M34 (1934-38)

up1b. T-28M38 (1938-40)

Comments: More longer gun

up1c. T-28M40 (1940) with conical turret

Comments: No real data about its characteristics.

up1d. T-28E (1939-40)

Modification of the basic T-28, screened with additional armor shields, according to some sources to measure 80mm on the front. To the other sources, additional shields were 10-15mm.

up1e. T-29

Wheel/track modification of different subtypes of T-28 (having at least 3 types of guns)

Had big-size roadwheels (like BT tanks)

Comments: Took part in Moscow battle (1941)

up1f. IT-28

Bridge layer tank:

Comments for all T-28's: Most were used in the first weeks of the war. Some T-28's were used in the Moscow battle in 1941. The last T-28's were used on the Leningrad front up to 1943. A number of self-propelled guns were also built on the T-28 chassis. Their number is unknown (1-2), but they did take part in the battle for Moscow. Several captured T-28's were utilized by the Finnish army.

Total T-28 production: 523 units

in RKKA to 01.01.41 - 411 units

up2. T-34

The T-34 received a huge amount of modifications. Nearly every plant producing them added several ones of their own. In Russian literature, 5 main types are distinguished: M40,M41,M42, M43, and T-34-85. A total of 12 types (including self-propelled guns) were produced in series.

up2a. T-34M40

Had modifications with welded and cast turrets

Comments: First series had a poor construction of the fuel tank which lead to losses from flanking fire.


Had modifications with welded and cast turrets

see T-34M40

up(1941) 2c. T-34-57

See T-34M40

up2d. T-34M41-42 (1941-42)

With carburetor engine

See T-34M40

up2e. Screened T-34

Common T-34 tanks with addition front and side armor screens.

No real data about its characteristics.

I have information about one rare interesting modification (1943). It was a tank T-34M43 with a turret from T-34M41. All tank was screened by light armor shields. It was made to protect tank from hollow-charge shells. No one photo exists in Russian archives. To my info its bottom looked like shielded version of Pz. IVH and a turret had hexagonal shape like Cromwell tanks. One battalion (30 units) was equipped by this modification. Unfortunately in the very first attack 21 machines were destroyed by common anti-tank shells.

up2f. T-34-76 (1942-43)

Had modifications with cast and stamped turrets

up2g. OT-34 (1942-44)

Flame thrower tank

up2h.T-34-76 (1943-44)

Comments: Unofficial nick "Gaika" (translation: "screw-nut") after specific hexahedron turret.

up2i. T-34-76 commander tank (1942-44)

Differed from serial ones only by type of radio

Production: 195 units

Comments to all T-34 with 76 mm gun:

Total amount produced: 33,805 units

up2j. T-34-85 (1944-47)

New turret and gun

up2k. T-34-85 (D-5)

See T-34-85

Production: A small series Maybe a few units.

up2l. OT-34-85 (1944-45)

Flame thrower tank

up3. T-44

Comments. Never been used in WW2!