Rocket Launchers of RKKA


August 2, 2004

Rocket Launchers Developed by "Compressor" Plant's Design Office in WW2 period (1941-45)

1941(since June 30)
Type Chassis or Other Base Comments
M-13 ZIS-6 truck Completing design of serial vehicle
BM-8-36 ZIS-6 truck Flute-type guides
ZIS-5 truck
BM-8 Trailer
BM-13 T-40 tank  
STZ-5 tractor  
BM-8 T-40 tank Flute-type guides
BM-8-24 T-40(T-60) tank Beam-type guides
BM-13 Sleigh  
BM-13-16 Armored (railway) flat-car  
BM-8 Ski  

Type Chassis or Other Base Comments
BM-8 trailer flute-type guides
BM-13-16 Ford-Marmon truck  
Studebaker truck  
Compensator for BM-8    
M-6-M River powerboat  
BM-8-48 Ford-Marmon truck  
BM-13-16 "International" truck  
MP-10   Double-barrelled carriage for anti-tank jet mines
BM-13-16 Austin truck  
Dodge truck  
M-8-M River powerboat  
BM-13-16 elongated "International" chassis  
M-31   Four - charged carriage (for guide-packing)
VMG   Water/Lubricator Heater
PM   Engine Heater
M-31   Carriage's removable guides for M-20 missiles
M-13-M River armored powerboat  
Double-barrelled carriage for anti-tank mines  
Single-barrelled carriage for anti-tank mines  
Four-barrelled launcher ZIS-6 truck for M-31 missile
Ammunition-wagon ZIS-6 truck for M-13 missiles
BM-13-16 Chevrolet 4 m length guides
2.4 m length guides
ZIS-6 for M-13 missile with four driving sprigs
GMC truck  

Type Chassis or Other Base Comments
БМ-13N Studebaker truck Normalized
BM-8-40 trailer Antiaircraft
BM-13-16 Chevrolet 2.4 m length guides
BM-8-8   Mountain device
RUM   Carriage for smoke mines
MZO   Carriage with removable guides for M-20 missiles and packing for M-30
BM-8-40 GAZ-AA truck  
BM-13-16 Chevrolet  
BM-13N ZIS-6 truck Normalized
BM-13-16 GMC truck  
BM-8-36 Chevrolet  
Experimental guides for captured missiles  
8-M-8 Seagoing armored powerboat  
BM-8-48 ZIS-6 truck  
BM-13 armored ZIS-6 truck With shorten guides. Was named "Assaulter"

Type Chassis or Other Base Comments
Eight-charged carriage with guide-packing for M-31
BM-31 Studebaker without guide-packing for M-31
М31 Trailer Eight-charged carriage with guide-packing for M-31
BM-31-12 Studebaker With "Sotka"-type guides
RUM Motor torpedo boat For smoke mines
M-13-8   Mountain eight-charged carriage for M-13 missiles
Mountain four-charged carriage for M-31 missiles (as in the text. I suppose, for M-13 taking into account its index - AMVAS)
Mountain six-charged carriage for M-31 missiles
RUM-20-4 Destroyer Four-charged carriage
M-8-8   Mountain eight-charged carriage
BM-8-SN Studebaker Experimental with spiroid guides

Type Chassis or Other Base Comments
BM-13-SN Studebaker Serial with spiroid guides
BM-8-SN Studebaker With spiroid guides from test serie
Removable adapter for captured missiles
Single-charged carriage for street fights using M-31 missiles
Double-charged carriage for street fights using M-13 missiles

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  1. BM-13 "Katyusha", ???