Updated September 20, 2007

In this section I'd like to present you index of the sources I obtain which. Some of them were used for this site, but much more are still not handled and maybe never will be handled in full scale. Both because of my physical abilities and being out of site context. This index is made for reference of everybody who wants to exchange by info with me and for other purposes.

(Rem. Just now I need to pause almost all exchange programs because of lack of free time)

I got all that books for exchange, bought or downloaded from internet.

I decided to divide them by subjects ignoring language of books.

In brackets local indexes are given for making navigation more easy.


Majority of files are in PDF format. In other cases see comments.

I have to note that the quality of some scans isn't ideal. Less filesize - less quality!

Also I obtain growing amount of historical RAW DATA, index of which can be seen in proper section

As I almost lost any hope to process all my titles, I decided to open a BIG HEAP subsection, where I want to place titles, which I still couldnt sort.

Sorry for this, with time I'll try to resolve this problem. This subsection is generated in automatic mode, so, it's much easier for me to keep it.

All new titles now are gathered HERE

Separate Books

See also my BIG HEAP of unprocessed titles

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