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Opening this section I would like to say that this direction will never become the main one in my work, at least because of lack of space. So, I decided to create it based on external links. I'll try to provide only more or less reliable links.

Appearing of this this section is devoted to Andrey, who would beat me for long delay, if he could visit me......

I also have to note that some sites providing MP3 limits downloading them for one stream per IP adress. So, be careful using ReGet, FlashGet or any else multi-stream downloaders.

Note, hosted sites are very slow in downloading.

All songs are divided into sections and subsections. More details you about each song you can found from detailed description.

In my plans there is to fill this sections with some clips and other video-materials. But this depends on several conditions...

Many thanks to Andrey who helped me a lot in creation this section. As we have hot disputes about deploying texts and their correct translation, the texts can jump from one section to another and also some corrections can be made without any additional announcement. I had no time to check all Andrey's texts. So, some translated texts are given in one variant (Andrey's) or two variants (Andrey's original variant and that one with my corrections). The latter was made to avoid long talks about each string....Sorry if we made some mistakes. It is more hard to translate poetry from Russian. Many meanings and submeanings can't be correctly translated. Even original Russians sometimes can't be sure that they correctly got all what author wanted to say by some words...

Also many thanks to and sites which collections made a great contribution in creation of this index.



MP3 Records

MPEG4 Video

  1. Video clip maiden by V.S. Shelomovskiy from Newsreel used just as screenshots from popular "IL-2 Stormovik" computer game. Excellent stuff!
  2. Two small videos of BA-3M armored car at the Kubinka Armour Museum. clip1 (6.7Mb), clip2 (3.7Mb)

External resource:

  • A large collection of newsreels and documentaries about the World War II provided by "Military Chronicles" site in the WWII in Russia (1941-45) section

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