Self-Propelled Guns of RKKA

updatedMarch 24, 2004

***Presented only SP guns on tank hull.

***Speed here is maximal, range is given on byroads.

  1. ZIS-30 (sept-oct, 1941)
  2. SU-76 (1943)/SU-76M(1943-45)
  3. SU-122 (1942-43)
  4. SU-85 (1943-44)
    1. SU-85M (1944)
  5. SU-100 (1944-47)
  6. SU-152 (1943)
  7. ISU-122 (1944)/ISU-122S (1944)
  8. ISU-152
  9. SU-76i (1943)
  10. SU-122i (SG-122, SG-122A) (1942)
  11. ZSU-37 (1945-48)
  12. SU-5 Self-propelled guns based on T-26 ("Small triplex")
  13. AT-1 (Artillery Tank) (1935)
  14. SU-6 (1935)
  15. SU-1-12 (1934)

up1. ZIS-30 (September-October, 1941)

Comments: Based on T-38 tank and "Komsomolets" armored prime mover chassis.

Used in Moscow battle (~80% of all built) (1941). Were in anti-tank batteries (6 units in each) and in mechanised battalions of tank brigades. Took part almost only in the Moscow battle Sept.-Nov.'41

ZIS means "Zavod Imeni Stalina" (Stalin plant)

up2. SU-76 (1943)/SU-76M(1943-45)

To another source

SU-76 - 23 (1942) + 553 (1943) = 579

SU-76M - 1,358 (1943) + 7,014 (1944) + 3,562 (1945) = 11,934

Comments: Unofficial nick-"Suka" ("Bitch") for extremely high risk for crew (especially for a tank-driver). Also obtained other nicks "Colomina", "Canvas Ferdinand", "Naked-bum Ferdinand" and others. SU-76M differed from SU-76 by absence of armored roof of a cabin.

up3. SU-122 (1942-43)

up4. SU-85 (1943-44)

up4a. SU-85M (1944)

Comments: SU-85M was based on SU-100.

up5. SU-100 (1944-47)

up6. SU-152 (also was named KV-14) (1943)

Comments: Based on KV tank hull.

up 7. ISU-122 (1944)/ISU-122S(1944)

up8. ISU-152 (1943-?)

Comments to all ISU: Based on IS tank hull. Production: 4,030 units

Comments to all heavy SU/ISU: Soviet soldiers called them "Zveroboy" (Beast killer, Hunter) fore their ability of total destruction of "Tigers", "Panthers" and other Hitler's "beasts".

up9. SU-76i (1943)

Comments: Based on captured German tanks Pz.III. First usage in Kursk battle.

In the 1902rd SP AT Regiment on Sept,1,1943 were 16 SU-76i (operable). Also the 1901rd, 1903rd SP AT Regiments were equipped by them in Aug-Sept 1943. At the beginning of 1944 all SU-76i were transferred to training divisions

up 10. SU-122i (also was called SG-122, SG-122A) (1942)

Comments: Based on captured German Pz.III and StuG III. Almost all were used in training divisions.

up11. ZSU-37 (1945-48)

Comments: ZSU means "Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka" - Anti-aircraft self-propelled gun

up12. SU-5 Self-propelled guns based on T-26 hull ("Small triplex")

  1. SU-5-1 (76,2 mm gun M1902/30) (1934-35) - 6 units built
  2. SU-5-2(122mm howitzer M1910/30) (1937) - 6(?) units built
  3. SU-5-3 (152,4 mortar M1931) (1934) - 3 units built

Total number: 15 units, according to other source - 28-30 units (including 24 SU-5-2)

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up13. AT-1 (Artillery Tank) (1935)

Comments: Based on T-26 hull.

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up14. SU-6 (1935)

Comments: Anti-aircraft SP gun based on T-26's hull.

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up15. SU-1-12

Comments: 48 units mounted on "Moreland" trucks, 51 mounted on GAZ-AAA trucks.

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