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Materials about Soviet Army history. Articles, analysis, memoirs. Different materials about the first period of the Great Patriotic War (June 22, 1941 - May 9, 1945)

Its independent sections


An official site of the Ministry of Defense of Russia containing several millions of war documents. Unfortunately they did everything to limit browsing and usage of those documents. The site engine has lots of disadvantages. You can save pages only individually (especially this exercise is very nice for 500+ pages documents). Saving giant maps is a separate story. A man, who finds way for quick saving a whole map in the original quality will be given a prize personally from me. The same for that one, who finds the way for downloading the whole dossier in automatic mode.

Right now they have Direction-Front-Army scale operative documents and maps for the 1941 year and Berlin and Prague operations 1945.

tankfront.ruCool! "Tank Front" site. Armored units of the USSR, Germany, USA, Great Britain and other countries-participants of the WWII. OOB, structure and combat history of armored units Rus

You can find here a large amount of materials about Soviet mechanised units of 1930-40s. Well systemized information. Tables, personalities etc.

militera.lib.ruCool! COOL site! TONS of memoirs, raw documents and other materials about not only WW2, but other wars. The BEST FREE military book storage in the net Rus
www.iremember.rufall_cool.gif Much memoirs!!! Soldiers, pilots etc. RusEng

A collection of scanned raw documents of the Soviet Army. See also - its branch. May be unworkable for some time. - another brunch devoted to NKO orders.

victory.rusarchives.rufall_cool.gif A huge storage of photos Rus


The site is devoted to fights around Vitebsk town and its occupation 1941-44. Very good raw materials. Unfortunately last time its address is not fixed and changes from time to time changing domens. Rus fall_cool.gif


Contains interesting raw materials about RKKA in the World War II and before it. Information about personalities. Rus fall_cool.gif Military maps of the Second World War. Geographical atlases of that period. Links to thematic resources. Rus Eng fall_cool.gif The site collects different materials (OOBs, battle schemes), which already could be met in the net, but gathers them together. Qute an interesting content. Rus OOBs of the Soviet troops. Fronts, armies, divisions Rus Memoirs and other military books Rus A very old site. Contains some interesting articles. Rus A site about the Winter War 1939-40. Some maps and articles Rus The history of chemical troops in the Soviet Army Rus An old site about the Battle of Leningrad. RusEng Another old site about the first period of the Great Patriotic War. RusEng Site about the Battle of Moscow RusEng United map site of the previous three ones. Some mistakes in links. RusEng Interesting site containing information about an operations in Yugoslavia during the WW2. Eng

Devoted to the Kursk battle. Detailed info. (Western sources)

Eng Red Army Studies ("RAS", as we've come to call it) website, is a volunteer, non-profit site that is solely concerned with expanding on the current knowledge base regarding Soviet operational art, specifically the origin, development, and practice of this branch of military art up to the end of World War II Eng You can find here section devoted to Carpathian operations of Soviet Army Eng An old site in Russian and English. Much useful information. RusEng The Battle of Kursk on the Web
The Battle of Kursk on the Web is an comprehensive, annotated web directory to this titanic clash between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, often reckoned the greatest tank-battle in History. The website sorts and evaluates some 100 sites about the battle.
Also other subjects presented
Eng Site containinig basics about World War II. Good flash animation. Some other sort of data presents. Rus Interesting portal containing large collection of photos for many samples of arms. Eng Materials about the Western Front (Zapadny front) (Byelorussia June 22 - July 9 1941). Organization, troops dislocation, commanders etc Rus Large amount of materials. Briefly described many battles of the WW2, weapons and other aspects. Some video clips presented. In general, the site is giving basic info about situation on the Eastern Front. Project in development...Main language-Russian. Provides automatic transaltion from to English and Deutch RusEngGerman Site devoted to Soviet armor (photos from Kubinka) and maps. Also some other interesting info can be found. Rus This site is devoted to the south-western direction of Soviet-German front. Rus Here you can find ENGLISH translated issues of Voyenno-Istoricheskiy Zhurnal (Military History Journal) for 1982-89 years. Not all articles are translated, but existing ones are quite enough for CD-ROM (~400Mb of texts) Index of VIZh articles see here (ZIP). (Many thanks to friendly site and personally to Greg Guerrero for creating this index) Eng

The site where collected a good portion of materials about operation in Rzhev area 1941-43. Contains thesis on the subject and some fulltext papers including foreign ones. Rus Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945. The primary focus of Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945 used by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce), Kriegsmarine (Navy), U-boats (Submarines), Waffen SS (Hitler's Elite), and secondary their Leaders. Eng Operations of the Bryansk Front. Memoirs and other materials Rus The site devoted to operations in Arctic during WWII. RusEngGerman The site about history of Russian border guards. Rus The site devoted to Karelian Fortified Region Rus European Center of Military History. Photoalbums. Luftwaffe reports and other info. Eng The Northern Fleet in WWII Rus


Lagre collection of photos of different weapons and personalities. Can contain some mistakes for Soviet side. Sweden Russian site devoted to experience of recon units. Contains good library for those topics in WWII Rus

A big Polish project about World War II

www.staldata.comNEW An interesting site devoted to the Stalingrad battle. Detailed OOB presented. Developing is in progress RusEngGermanFrench Devoted to the Stalingrad Battle. Western look. Eng Information about the Stalingrad battle. Raw documents, maps, photos. The complete variant of site is in Russian only! RusEngGerman

Address Description Language Cool!

EXCELLENT site of Vassily Chobitok about different kinds of armored equipment. Lots of photos and other useful information. Articles and blueprints of many vehicles WWII period, earlier and later.... Rus Cool! Cool recource devoted to lend-lease vehicles as well as different others. Excellent images! highly recommended to everybody!!! Eng fall_cool.gif Developing photo site devoted to Soviet vehicles in Axis use RusEng fall_cool.gif Interesting collection of photos from different museums. Tank, artillery RusEng A site developed to an interesting project devoted to armor Rus Kubinka Tank Musuem. RusEng Contains nice photos of different vehicles. CZ Encyclopedia of domestic armored fighting vehicles. Rus Information and photos of different soviet vehicles of XX century. May be useful for modellers Rus An old site about Soviet armored equipment. Video and photo materials presented. Rus Panzers of the Reich. Information on the German Panzer Tanks of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos. Eng Nice site devoted to German AFVs. On its forum you can find interesting links on fulltext books and other interesting topics. (Everything in Russian) Rus

Tanks in the World War II. Shots of different armored vehicles. Some of them interesting.

EngGerman Czech

Online armored vehicle showcase, plus German War Records from the U.S. National Archives with information on all of the Third Reich's military services!

Eng Resource devoted to lend-lease trucks Eng Walkaround weapons in Moscow museums Rus
downVehicle identification section NEW T-50 identification site Rus NEW KV-1 identification site Rus KV-2 identification page Rus NEW T-35 identification site Rus NEW T-28 identification site Rus NEW BT-2, BT-5 identification site Rus
T-34 photo gallery NEW T-34 photo gallery. Misc. plants Rus
Address Description Language fall_cool.gif Besides all, this site is devoted to Soviet aviation and Soviet aces. Contains very useful data. Rus Interesting site devoted to the Soviet aviation in WWII. OOBs (from "BSSA" book), personalities. Rus


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A fine collection of maps for Russia and former USSR.

Link itself is dead, but parts of this site are still alive!

Rus Topographic maps of southern part of Russia and Ukraine. (Maps coding in Russian). If this link is not working, try to cut it to This opens maps directory from where you can click to M37b.htm. Maps of Ukraine are also available. On this site you can find a key file to Russian topographic maps (~24Mb) Eng Good topographic maps of Russia and Eastern Europe! RusEng CZ

The map collection represents digital images of soviet military topographic maps published during 1960-2003. We make these maps more accessible for everyone. All maps in the collection may be searched and downloaded for free through the map location service on the website.

The map collection is gathered with a help of the community of tourists and travelers on a free basis through the website It is available for free use, free of charge.

Eng fall_cool.gif Large online collection of world maps Eng

downWargames' section
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www.theblitz.orgfall_cool.gif Cool wargamer's club!! Eng Forum on WW2 games' subjects Eng
Fine wargamer's club!

downJournals, E-Journals and Other Paid Services
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www.armchairgeneral.comCool! Armchair General is an interactive experience in military history and strategy. We have many unique features and departments that illustrate our commitment to being the best. Please take a moment and tour our magazine and sign up for a free trial issue. Eng
www.front2000.ruCool! Frontline Illustration's official site. The best Russian serial about WW2 and AFVs! RusEng another online shop. Sometimes is more complete and valuable than Armybook. Low prices. RusEng A detailed source for Russian OOB info. Paid service! Including magazine Soviet Army Journal ( Eng online shop of very interesting Russian military books and periodicals. Eng World War Two Books. Selling new and used military history books. Eng German War Machine Magazine Eng

downTranslation Resources
Address Description Language Eng English <-> Russian Rus and
German German <-> Russian Rus online dictionary
Rus Eng English <-> Russian Rus and
German German <-> Russian Rus online dictionary
RusEng Multi-language online translator (supports Russian, English, German, Spanish, French) RusEng

downOther Links
Address Description Language Archives in Russia. Tons of useful info in English! Listings of Russian archives with detailed information about those RusEng fall_cool.gif Great site devoted to personalities of the Heroes of the Soviet Union Rus Politruk's Great Patriotic War Site. Re-enactment site devoted to RKKA. Some interesting facts may be found. War stories. Brief materials on the 89th Gds. Rifle Division and the 8th Gds. Mechanised Corps. Eng Reenactment group of the 2nd Gds. Division Eng Another comprehensive forum on the WW2 subjects Eng Forum on the WWII subjects Eng You can find here some well-known and not very famous examples of soviet songs of the War period and other times RusEng Large online collection of MP3 records of old Russian and Soviet compositions Rus Ukrainian site devoted to the history of German troops. Uniform, information about excavations. Some things are of commercial usage Rus Collection of Soviet posters (KOI-8R code page) Rus

Featuring Posters, Photos, Poets and Arists from WWI and WWII.

Rem. AMVAS: Big gap - no Soviet side presented yet.

Eng It gives you all the information about:
  • Military aircraft (American jets, European Jets, Russian Jets, Chinese Jets, Tactical Transport)
  • Military Helicopters (All the military helicopters)
  • Army (Tanks, Armored Vehicles, Reconnaissance, Artillery)
  • Navy (Aircraft Carriers, Command frigates, Submarines)
  • Infantry and Marines
  • Special Forces
awards-su.comfall_cool.gif Catalogue of Soviet awards. Very informative site. RusEng Inofficial site of "Modelist-Konstruktor" magazine. Many fulltext articles and blueprints. Rus Interesting galleries & manuals for different kinds of weapons Eng Czech military site. This site is devoted to leters from the WWII Eng (mirror)

"Nga Toa features a collection of oral history and personal accounts from WW2 veterans of New Zealand's armed forces. Includes personal stories from major theaters such as Greece, Crete, North Africa, Italy and the Pacific." Eng Large Spanish forum devoted to WWII subjects Spain

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