UpdatedMay 9, 2007

T-28 with KT-28 gun

T-28 with L-10 gun


T-28 with conical turret

T-28 details

T-28 produced in 1934-35 [1]
T-28 produced in 1936 [1]

Upper: Right view with track and skirt removed


Lower: Bottom view [1]

Frontal and rear views [1]
T-28 Mod. 1938 [3]

Upper: T-28 Mod. 1938 with removed skirt and track


Lower: T-28 Mod. 1938 bottom view [3]

T-28 with additional armour armed with KT-28 gun [1]
Scheme of additional armoring of the hull [1]

Small turret additional armoring [1]

A. - another variant of additional armor.

Additional armoring of the main turret (variant with L-10 gun) [1]
Armour plating diagramme of a T-28 [2]

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