T-28 Armed with L-10 Gun


UpdatedMay 9, 2007

T-28 with KT-28 gun

T-28 with L-10 gun


T-28 with conical turret

T-28 details

T-28 in Museums

T-28 in two-color camouflage developed for the Red Army in later 1930s. Admittedly 1939 [3]
T-28 "Andrey Zhdanov", Leningrad, May 1, 1940 [1]

T-28 of the 90th Tank Battalion/20th Heavy Tank Brigade, North-Western Front, Jan-Feb. 1940.

Caption: "Advance without fear for safety of our Motherland"


T-28 of the 90th Tank Battalion/20th Heavy Tank Brigade, North-Western Front, Jan-Feb. 1940. [11]
T-28 of the 5th Tank Division /3rd Mechanised Corps. Lithuania, June 1941 [11]
T-28 from the 10th Tank Division/15th Mechanised Corps. Western Ukraine, June 1941 [11]
T-28 of the 10th Tank Division/15th Mechanised Corps. South-Western Front, Western Ukraine, Dubno area, early July 1941 [11]

T-28s of the 8th Mechanised Corps. On the foreground vehicle with tactical sign "3323". On the background - vehicle "2023", South-Western Front, early August, 1941 [8]

Rem. AMVAS: another photo of tank with similar sign is placed to the Western Front. It's more believable, as the 8th Mechcorps was disbanded in July.

Tank on the foreground likely is equipped with L-10 gun, taking into acocunt its shape of radiator louver, which is natural for the tanks of years 1937-40 production.

T-28 of unknown tank unit, Western Front, Aug. 1941 [1]

Another reconstruction of the same tank as above [11]

Rem. AMVAS: Draw attention to the differences between those two images.

T-28 of unidentified unit, Leningrad Front, December, 1941 [11]
T-28 of unidentified unit, Tula area, December, 1941 [11]
T-28 operated by the 90th Tank Battalion/20th Heavy Tank Brigade on the Karelian Isthmus. February, 1940 [3]

Captured T-28 with additional armor. Karelian Isthmus, Saamajarvi area, winter 1942 [9]


Rem. AMVAS: This vehicle has the same "1" sign as reconstructed vehicles below

T-28 in three-color camouflage. Karelian Front, 14th Army, 107th Separate Tank Battalion, September, 1941. White number "1" indicates this vehicle to belong the 1st company [1]
T-28 with additional armour of the 1st Tank Battalion/1st Tank Division. Northern Front, 14th Army, Allakurti area, July 1941 [6]
T-28 from the 1st Tank Division hit in Prassa settlement area by Finnish artillery. Leningrad Front, September, 1941 [7]
T-28 of the 1st Tank Division. Northern Front, Aug. 1941 [11]
Crew of the tank No. 230 near their vehicle. Leningrad Front, 42nd Army, 51st Separate Tank Battalion, winter, 1942 [1]
T-28 No. 230 in winter colors. Leningrad Front, 42nd Army, 51st Separate Tank Battalion, Winter 1942 [1]
Another reconstruction of the same vehicle. But the source gives March 1943 date for it. [5]

T-28 of the 8th Mechanised Corps, South-Western Front, early September 1941 [8]

Rem AMVAS: Large probability of error in location and subordination. First of all the 8th Mechcorps was disbanded in July'41

T-28 in winter colors, March 1943 [2]
Another reconstruction of the same tank [10]
T-28 of the 51st Separate Tank Battalion. Leningrad Front, March, 1943 [11]
T-28 of the 91st Separate Tank Regiment. Karelian Isthmus, June 1944 [11]
Another reconstruction of the same vehicle [11]
T-28 year 1939 production of the 3rd Tank Division,Lithuania, summer 1941 [4]
T-28 with additional armor, 220th Tank Brigade/55th Army, Leningrad Front, September, 1942 [4]
T-28 captured in winter 1941 in winter finnish colors. Varkaus, spring 1940 [1]
T-28 in winter Finnish colors, March 1940 [1]

T-28 in German service [1]

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T-28 with German signs. Unknown unit, summer, 1941 [1]
T-28 with additional armour captured in September 1941 operated by Finns. Vicinities of Petrovka, June 1944. It has three-color caomuflage. Armour plates of the gun shield installed by Finns [1]
T-28 in finnish three-color camouflage. summer, 1944 [1]

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