UpdatedJune 22, 2009

Abandoned damaged BT-7A. Probably Ukraine, 1941 [2]

Another photo of the same vehicle [2]

Rem. AMVAS: I corrected this photo a bit to make it more readable.

BT-7A, 1937 [1]
BT-7A, 1937 [1]
T-26-4 turret for the BT-7A equipped with handrail antenna [1]
BT-7A "Za Stalina" from the artillery group of the 1st Light Tank Brigade, North-Western Front, Winter War, Feb. 1940 [3]

BT-7A of one of mechanised corps of RKKA. South-Western Front, June 1941 [4,5]


Rem. AMVAS: This vehicle is used for illustration in many books. In some of them (for example in [5]) I saw it assigned to the 14th Mechanised Corps/Western Front, what is very suspicious.

So, I would recommend to be careful with its exact location until more accurate data are available.

BT-7A captured by Hungarian troops. Probably the same tank as below [8]NEW
Hungarian studying abandoned BT-7A artillery tank and T-27 tankette, 1941[1]
BT-7 and BT-7A [2]
BT-7A [2]

BT-7 and BT-7A on road. [2]
BT-7A [2]

A group of abandoned BT-7 and BT-7A.

Rem. AMVAS: I may guess it could be the 81st Motorised Division/4th Mechanised Corps/6th Army/South-Western Front, as one vehicle carries small rhombus, which is supposed to belong just to this division.[2]

Bad enough photo of BT-7A.

If anybody have better one, plz, contact me...


BT-7A on street of unknown town [?]
BT-7A, 1941[1]
Burnt BT-7A [1]
German soldiers making photos staying on BT-7A [2]

BT-7A knocked out by the 4th Pz. Div. [6,7]


Rem. AMVAS: Probably could belong to the 14th Mechinised Corps

Damaged BT-7A. Probably Ukraine, summer 1941 [2]
Destroyed BT-7A [2]
BT-7 and exploded BT-7A on the background [?]
BT-7A (Sorry for the quality) [?]

BT-7A [2]

(Rem. AMVAS: Unfortunately because of bug of the E-bay server we couldn't buy original of this photo)

Abandoned BT-7A [2]

Greatly appreciated help of V. Dyunov and Ilya (Uolmo) for providing photos.

If you have better photos of this rare vehicle, plz contact me!

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