Other Interesting Weapons

UpdatedFebruary 25, 2007

This is a storage for photos which can't be placed in existing galleries. With time when such sort of galleries appears I will remove photos from here and place them in proper gallery.

T-34 minecleaner 1943 T-34s equipped with PT-3 roller minesweepers. 1943[1]
T-34+PT-3 T-34 equipped with PT-3 roller minesweeper assigned to the 148th Engineering-Tank Regiment. the 3rd Byelorussian Front, February 1945. [3]
T-34 equipped with loud-speaker and used for propaganda T-34 equipped with loud-speaker and used for propaganda [?]
ZIS-30 ZIS-30 SP gun. Western Front, autumn 1941 [1]
SU-76i The command post version of SU-76i SP gun based on captured German tank chassis [2]
Captured SU-76I in winter colors. Unknown panzer division, Russia, winter 1943-44 [?]

T-41 amphibious tank [5]

12 such vehicles were built in early 1930s.

One of them was employed until 1945 in airborne troops of the Moscow Military district.

T-41 T-41 serial amphibious tank as a suspension under fuselage of TB-3 bomber during a demonstration of airborn equipment. The Moscow Military District, 1945 [6]
Abandoned GAZ-60 half-track with quadrupled "Maxim" antiaircraft mounting [4]
Message delivering by motorcycle TMZ to the 13th Light Tank Brigade HQ. North-Western Front, February, 1940 [7] NEW

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