Captured Axis Vehicles

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updatedJune 24, 2007


Self-propelled guns

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? A separate company equipped with captured AFVs (a PzKpfw III and three StuG IIIs) at the Soviet Western Front, March 1942. SP guns carries the following slogans: "We'll avenge our Ukraine!" (Otomstim za Ukrainu), "Avenger" ("Mstitel'"), "Hit Goebbels!" (Bej, Gebbel'sa) [1]
"We'll avenge our Ukraine!"
Soviet tankmen are being issued a captured SP gun. Central Front, Aug. 1943. [1]
A captured StuG 40 operated by the 5th Gds. Tank Bde. 4th Ukrainian Front, Sept 1944. [1]
A Sturmgeschutz IV (7,5 cm StuK40 L/48) SP gun from the 1506th SP Gun Regiment (commander Lt. Colonel Rogatchev. The 3nd Ukrainian Front, vic. Lake Balaton, March 1945.
Seems the same photo in another quality [2]
A Sturmgeschutz IV (7,5 cm StuK40 L/48) SP gun organic to the Assault Gun Battalion/1st Bulgarian Army, Hungary, Pech, March 14'45 [3] NEW
The crew of a Panzerjäger I SP gun is specifies combat mission. The Separate Tank Battalion of the 31st Army, Aug. 1942. The vehicle has a standard Soviet 4BO paintwork and is fitted with a Soviet-type headlight. [1]
The crew of the Marder II. 3rd Ukrainian Front, 1944 [1]
Marder II SP gun at the parade of partisan units. Minsk, July 1944 [1]
Unnamed sergeant captured a fully operational Marder III SP gun and operated it in combat. Orel approach, 1943. [1]
Hummel SP guns operated by the Separate SP gun battalion of the 27th Army, vic. Lake Balaton. Hungary, March 1945. White-rimmed red stars are painted on its sides. [1]
Assault gun "Praga" from the Assault Gun Battalion/1st Bulgarian Army. Pech, Hungary, March 1945 [3] NEW

Jagdpanzer IV given by the 3rd Ukrainian Front to the Assault-gun Battalion/1st Bulgarian Army, Hungary, March 14, 1945 [3]NEW


Rem. AMVAS: I guess it may be the same vechicle reconstructed below.

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