(Universal limber)

UpdatedSeptember 19, 2005

limber Antitank unit of the Red Army equipped with ZIS-2 guns on 52-R-353M limbers on march. Chevrolet G7107 used as prime-movers, 1944[1]
limber Early modification of 52-R-353M limber. Differences: hand-rails for crew behind seat, footboard from 52-R-363, hooks with shock-absorbers. [1]
limber 52-R-353M limber with 76mm divisional F-22USV gun, 1943[1]
limber 52-R-353M limber in partisan detachment. Byelorussia, 1943. [1]
limber Masked ZIS-3 gun wth limber, South-Western Front, Arbuzovka village, Dec.'42 [1]
limber The 4th Artillery Corps on march. 76mm F-22 USV gun with limber. Orel-Kursk direction, July 1943 [1]
limber Limber details [1]
limber 52-R-353M limber. Blueprints were made based on dimensions of limber No. 8647 pbuilt in 1944 [1]
limber 52-R-353M limber mod. 1942. [1]
limber and ammunition wagon

Upper: Limber for the 45mm AT gun mod. 1937 (general view)

Lower: Ammunition-wagon for the 45mm AT gun mod. 1937 (general view) [2]

universal limber Universal limber. Bottom view [2]
Universal limber Universal limber (front view) [2]
universal limber Universal limber with opened cover [2]
universal limber Upper: Universal limber. Side view
Lower: Details of swivel claw and drawhook [2]

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