(Chemical Armored Car)

UpdatedJuly 26, 2006

KS-18 armored car was produced in 1937-39. Were used by supplement companies of tank brigades. Each company by staff was equipped with 4 such cars. During Winter War 9 KS-18 were employed on the North-Western Front.

KS-18 was based on ZIS-6 chassis. Cabin and 1000 liter tank were protected by 4-8 mm armor. Vehicle could be employed for smoke screens, degassing (2600 m²) and contamination (25m width area).

Numbers produced - 94.

Arms: 7.62 mm DT machine gun

Was also equipped with 71-TK transmitter.

KS-18 chemical armored car [1]
Destroyed KS-18 armored car. Soviet-German front, summer 1941 [1]

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