UpdatedFebruary 20, 2006


Upper view: Air inlet above driver and turret's parapet. Upper view. [2]



Lower view: After January 1943 the muffler & exhaust pipe was fixed to a hull with a heat protection screen [2]

BA-64 details

BA-64 details: section of the front axle & suspension, vision slit, and muffler [1]


BA-64-125 differed from BA-64B with a narrower track (1278 mm front wheels, 1245mm rear wheels), changes included narrowed fenders; different placement of the trenching tool – [spade over right fender, saw with axe over the left]; absence of embrasures in control section (on some vehicles); rear springs were mounted under the axle beam (on BA-64B over it); tyre profiles were often of the GAZ-M1 type.

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