UpdatedFebruary 29, 2008


BA-11 pre-production model. Side view

Whip antenna raised. A jack is fixed behind the door.


BA-11 pre-production model. Front view. [1]
BA-11 pre-production model. Rear view [1]
BA-11 pre-production model on rough terrain, NIIBT testing ground, 1939[1]
Testing of serial BA-11 with diesel engine installed. NIIBT testing ground, autumn, 1940 [1]
Serial BA-11 [1]
BA-11 BA-11[4]
Burnt BA-11 [?]
BA-11 BA-11 from the Separate Armored Battalion of the 42nd Army. Leningrad Front, spring 1942 [2]
BA-10 and BA-11

BA-10 on the foreground and BA-11 on the background in green/brown colors. Leningrad Front, Summer 1942 [2]

BA-10 has tactical sign I17-37 on its rear side.

BA-11 [5] NEW
Abandoned BA-11 [5] NEW
ZIS-6K chassis with rear command post [1]

ZIS-6K chassis [3?]

BA-11 [1]
BA-11 BA-11 [3]

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