(2 axle)

UpdatedJuly 26, 2006

Those vehicles were produced by plant No. 189 in Leningrad in late October - November 1941 because of absense of needed GAZ-AAA chassis. BA-10M armored hulls were installed on GAZ-AA and ZIS-5 chassis. Not less than 6 vehicles were produced.

One vehicle based on GAZ-AA and one on ZIS-5 chassis were attached to the Izhorsky workers battalion.

Unfortunately there are no photos of vehicle on ZIS-5 chassis, so its image was reconstructed.

2 axle BA-10 on GAZ-AA chassis used as mobile check-point. 1st Byelorussian Front, autumn, 1944 [1]
GAZ-AA based BA-10 armored car [1]
ZIS-5 based BA-10 armored car (blueprint was made after sketchy description)[1]

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