UpdatedMarch 29, 2008

T-50 of LKZ plant

A prototype model of T-50 Leningrad Kirov Plant (LKZ)[1] NEW
Slit of T-50 LKZ plant prototype tank [1]NEW
T-50, plant No. 174 production
Simplified welded turret of T-50 plant No. 174, December 1941, production [1] NEW
T-50 turret of the tank plant No. 174 production [1] NEW
A view of toolboxes, sparses and entrenchment tools placing for T-50, plznt No. 174 production. (project) [1] NEW
Slit of T-50 plant No. 174 production [1] NEW
A T-50 year 1941 production [1] NEW
A T-50 year 1941 production [1] NEW
Armour plating diagramme of a T-50 [1] NEW
T-50 with additional armor shields installed at hull forhead and turret sides. 1941 [1] NEW
Hull of a tank T-50 plant No. 174 production [1] NEW
T-50 tank of Chkalov (Orenburg) plant No. 174 production. Late model 1941-42 with strengthened supporting rollers with radial stiffeners. Side vision slits of a tank-driver and side turret slits are absent. Their holes are covered with armored corks [1] NEW
T-50 tank of Chkalov (Orenburg) plant No. 174 1941-42 years production represented in the Kubinka museum. It has strengthened supporting rollers without holes and ordinary road wheels [1] NEW
Design of tank-driver's hatch [1] NEW
Motor section slit [1] NEW

Upper: V-4 diesel engine and tank track of T-50

Lower: T-50 tank track [1] NEW

Upper left: Road wheels of the left side.

Upper right: supporting roller

Lower: Road wheel design [1] NEW

Upper left: Right idler

Upper right: driving-wheel

Lower: A construction of idler [1] NEW

Simplified construction of road wheel. Plant 174, January 1942. [1] NEW

  1. A. Chubachin, Sovetskiy Tank T-50 i mashiny na ego baze", Voyennaya Letopis/Military Chronicle, Bronetankovyi Muzei, 11, BTV-Kniga, Moscow, 2007