updatedFebruary 25, 2007

T-37 left view [3]



Line T-37A (without flotation) in the Kubinka museum. [1]

T-37TU from Akswell museum (Sweden). The vehicle flotation devices, but neither a hand-rail antenna or its fixing positions. [1]

Early T-37A without flotation Early T-37A without flotation [1]
T-37A [3]
T-37A mod. 1935 with radio. Left view.[2]
Finnish soldiers examines captured T-37A tank from the 177th Separate Recon Battalion/122nd Rifle Division. The 9th Army zone, December 1939 [2]
T-37A used by Germans and recaptured by Soviets. The Western Front, Spring 1943. This vehicle is repainted in the German grey standard colors. On its rear side we can see tactical sign for recon battalion of infantry division [2]

T-37 water landing from TB-3 bomber. Moscow area, Medvazhji lakes, 1936 [2]

All 3 tanks landed in such a way got damages and sank. Later experiments were stopped.

T-37A left view and rear view [3]
Light amphibious tank T-37A knocked out by German troops. It belonged presumably to the 172nd Separate Recon Battalion /142nd Rifle Division. Northern Front, 23rd Army, July 1941.[4]NEW
6. German military servicemen are examining a light tank T-37 abandoned by Soviet troops because of a some breakage. July 1941. [5]NEW

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