T-27 Tankette


Updated December 27, 2006


Upper: T-27 tankette on maneuver. According to its sign belonged to a 1st Battalion/2nd Company. USSR, 1932 [2]


Lower: T-27 tankette from the 45th Mechcorps of RKKA. Ukraine, early 1930s [1]

T-27 T-27 used as a prime mover for 45mm AT guns in white/green colors. Moscow, November 1941 [1]

Workers of a repair plant preparing T-27 for being sent to the front. Moscow, November 1941 [1].

Installed hand-rails testifies its usage as a prime mover of 45mm antitank guns.

T-27 Early T-27 [2] NEW
T-27 T-27 of the last year (1934) production [2] NEW

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