Fueling Trucks/Bowsers

UpdatedFebruary 20, 2006


BZ-35 BZ-35 fueling IL-4 bomber, 1943 [1]
BZ-35 BZ-35 fueling Pe-2 bomber, Western front, 1942[1]
BZ-35 BZ-35 fueling truck [1]
BZ-35 BZ-35 accompanied by DB-3 bomber of the Baltic Fleet. On corbail one can see a pail instead of fire extinguisher[4]
BZ-35 BZ-35 refueling DB-3 bomber of the 1st Mine-Torpedo Bomber Regiment of the Baltic Fleet [8]

BZ-35 fueling truck [1]

  1. Muffler;
  2. Filler neck;
  3. Rack level gage;
  4. Safety valve
  5. Cap over the hole for a bob gage.
  6. Box for transfer hose;
  7. Box for distributing hoses;
  8. Door for access to the purger of settling chamber;
  9. Back footboard;
  10. Box for receiving hose;
  11. Door for the back drawhook;
  12. Door of the tool box;
  13. Fixing hook;
  14. Fire extinguisher;
  15. Illuminated indicator "Inflammable";
  16. Stop-light;
  17. Injection column;
  18. Intake cilumn;
  19. Footboard;
  20. "SKB" gasoline pump;
  21. Power takeoff;
  22. Elastic muff;
  23. Tank;
  24. Purger of the settling chamber;
  25. Distributing pipeline;
  26. Filter;
  27. Litre-meter;
  28. Receiving hose;
  29. Transporting hose;
  30. Control cab;
  31. Distributing cocks;
  32. Switching lever of the pump;
  33. Clutch lever;
  34. Accelerator lever;
  35. Bob gage's scale;
  36. Manometer installed after filter;
  37. Manometer installed before filter;
  38. Manometer-vacuumeter;
  39. Filter's blowoff cock;
  40. Gazoline's filter-to-tank offtake cock;
  41. Control cable of accelerator;
  42. Accelerator;
  43. Rod of the clutch lever;
  44. Rod of the pump switcher lever;
  45. Clutch pedal;
  46. Floor of the control cab;
  47. Gasoline tank;
  48. Holder of the spare wheel;
  49. Central brakes;
  50. Cock of the compressor for pumping up tyres;
  51. Exhaust;


BZ-38 BZ-38 in winter colors. On board platform track assembly is deployed. March, 1943 [4]
BZ-38 BZ-38 filling Yak-7 from the unit of I.I. Kleshchev. Don area, August 1942 [5]
BZ_38 Hurricane been refuelled from the BZ-38 bowser [9]
BZ-38 GAZ-AAA based BZ-38 fueling truck [5]
BZ-38U GAZ-AAA based BZ-38U fueling truck [5]


BZ-39 BZ-39 refueling La-5 fighter [2]
BZ-39 BZ-39 in winter colors refueling IL-2. On the doors of cab for hoses we can see pimples which are forgotten on bluprint. [4]
BZ-39M BZ-39M (with guards insignia) receiving fuel from ZIS-5 based tank-truck [4]
BZ-39 BZ-39 fueling truck[1]
BZ-39 BZ-39 fueling truck[1]


BZ-42 BZ-42 fueling truck based on GAZ-MM chassis [6]


BZ-43 BZ-43 fueling truck based on ZIS-5V chassis. [7]
BZ-43 BZ-43 fueling truck[2]

upZIS-5 Based

ZIS-5 Field modification of ZIS-5 tank-truck. Gasoline filter removed, side platforms filled up with junk useful in front life [3]
ZIS-5 ZIS-5 with "AK" filter filling R-Z airplane [3]
ZIS-5 ZIS-5 based fueling truck filling U-2 (later called Po-2) training planes, 1935[4]
ZIS-5 based ZIS-5 based fueling truck [1]
ZIS-5 ZIS-5 fueling truck with filter [3]
ZIS-5 ZIS-5 fueling truck without filter [3]


upZIS-6 Based

ZIS-6 fueling truck with BP-35 tank-trailers filling Levanevsky's DB-A airplane, 1937 [3]
ZIS-6 ZIS-6 based fueling truck [3]



YaG Fueling truck of ZIS-5 type, but based on YaG chassis [3]
BZ-35 Studebacker BZ-35 equipment mounted on Studebacker chassis. [7]

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