UpdatedFebruary 20, 2006

SU-76M SU-76M under command of Junior Lt. I.I. Ivanov in action. Brandenburg territory, 1st Byelorussian Front, April 1945. Put attention to the logs for self-recovery attached to the left side of the vehicle [1]
SU-76M SU-76M ready for fight. Brandenburg province, Germany, April 1945 [2]
SU-76M SU-76M in action. Brandenburg province, Germany, April 1945 [1]
SU-76M crew The crewof the SU-76M supporting troops of the 123rd Rifle Division . Leningrad Front, spring 1944 [1]
SU-76M SU-76M of the 1223rd Light SP Gun Regiment enters Vilnus liberated by the Red Army. 5th Gds. Tank Army/3rd Byelorussian Front, July 1944. The vehicle on foreground has tactic number 13 [1]
SU-76M The SU-76M battery enters Olonets town, liberated byt the Red Army. Karelian Front, July 1944. All vehicles carries logs for self-recovery[1]
SU-76M SU-76M of the plant No. 38. Kirov town, spring 1944 [1]
SU-76M SU-76M of the 8th SP Gun Brigade on march. Byelorussian Front, February 1944 [1]
SU-76M Refueling of the SU-76M from the 8th SP Gun Artillery Brigade [1]
SU-76M SU-76M og Lt. Ivanif in street fights. Byelorussia, spring 1944 [1]
SU-76M SU-76M changing positions. Hungary, January, 1945 [3]
SU-76M Loading ammo in the SU-76M [3]
SU-76M SU-76M. "Courageous", Transbaikal Front, August 1945.[4]

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