UpdatedFebruary 20, 2006

Restored SU-100 [1]
Restored SU-100 and UralZIS-5 Year 2003 [1]

SU-100 rear view [1]

Combat section. A view through embrasure. (Gun dismounted) [1]
Gun embrasure. Lower front fuel tank already mounted [1]

Fuel and oil tanks mounting in transmission section. [1]
Transmission section. Radiators dismounted [1]
Air filter [1]
Rear plate dismounted. ST-16 starter installed instead of original ST-700, but original relay remained (left on box) [1]

Control section [1]

On the left you can see spring of the front roadwheel. In exploitation very often those springs were broken. In the left corner track-pulling mechanism is placed. It has access from control section unlike the right one, access to which a special hatch provides.

Control-gear unlike T-34 are moved to the left and swinging arm is placed between legs of tank-driver

Gun mounting is simply fixed by bolts without any cunning. As armor is not plain steel fillers (a pieces of steel) touched by weld are placed between mask and front armored plate. [1]
Gun mounting. Gunsight is not installed yet. Gun mounting. Gunsight is not installed yet. [1]
Gun mounting. Gunsight is not installed yet.

TSh-17 gunsight (from IS-2M tank) installed instead of original TSh-19.

They are similar, but have different sight scales. [1]

Gun stopper [1]

Seat of tank-driver [1]

The next monitoring devices are installed on dashboard: Watches, Water temperature, Oil temperature, Oil pressure. They are of "new type" electrical, capillary (sensor and device connected by solid 3.5m length tube instead of 6m).


Dashboard with installed speedometer and tachometer (tachometer of original type - with wire drive), toolbox and behind it (out of view) socket for "external launching".

Observation devices are also of original type. [1]

Right from tank-driver shelves for rounds. [1]

Seat of gunlayer [1]

Observing device MK-4. Below it you can see closed embrasure for personal weapon. "A-2" gunlayer garniture installed in the left side. Two torsions of tank-driver hatch's opening mechanism placed on front sheet.

Seat of commander [1]

Two air-exhausters are placed behind the commander's cupola, that switches on by toggle switches installed close by. Emergency lighting lamp can be seen in the corner.

Seat of loader. [1]

Dashboard of Emergency lighting.

Seat of loader. [1]

Bulkhead to engine compartment. On the left side we can see lever of the left louvre and buttons of electrical fuse for smoke cartridges placed near it. On the right side lever of the exhaust louvres is placed. In the bottom - "door" of the main plate guard with stop bolt of radiator under it.

Seat of loader. [1]

Left side stacking of gun rounds.

My respect for Sergei Poddubny for comments.

  1. Photos of SU-100 from Ussurijsk town provided by Sergei Poddubny