UpdatedMay 22, 2006

L-300 L-300 - the first serial Soviet motorcycle. Prototype - German Lux-300.
Was used in the Soviet Army in recon and signals units. [1]
PMZ_A_750 Heavy motorcycle PMZ-A-750 was produced in 1934-38. Those vehicles were used in the Soviet Army [2]
IZh_9 IZh-9 was produced since May 1940 until Nov. 1941 and used in RKKA [3]


(prototype - British BSA-600)

Was produced in 1936-1943. Was used in RKKA [4]


L-600 fire motorcycle was composed from L-300 motorcycle chassis and Village Motor Pump MP-2

(MP-2: 60x625x665mm, 140 kg weight).

Was produced in years 1934-1939. Was used in fire-brigades during WWII. L-600 also was used as a base for other vehicles. For example lighting variant carried six PES-35 searchlights having 500W lamps. Also was known to be used as a mobile welding machine for electricians. [5]


ML-3 light motorcycle (1939-1941) [6]


L-8 and IZh-12

Upper veiws: L-8 motorcycle.


Lower view: IZh-12 motorcycle (Izhevsk modification of L-8. 49 vehicles built) [7]

Restored motorcycle. Initially this was positioned as M-72. Now I was reported it is K-750 [8]

A column of M-72 motorcycles moving to the fronline, Leningrad Front, Autumn 1941 [9]

Rem. AMVAS - this was an original caption. I was told most likely it's one of IZh models, or some foreign analog

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