Armored Personnel Carriers

(M3A1 "Scout")

UpdatedJanuary 18, 2006

M3A1 M3A1 "Scout" American APC assigned to one of the Soviet units. Prague, May 1945 [1]
M3A1 M3A1 APC in Köenigsberg. The 3rd Byelorussian front, April 1945 [2]NEW
M3A1 M3A1 APC in Köenigsberg. The 3rd Byelorussian front, April 1945 [2]NEW

Scouts from oune of Soviet tank units loaded on M3A1. Poland, Spring 1945 [3] NEW

[Rem. AMVAS - in [4] we can see the next caption of the same photo: "Scout" of Gds. Lt. Kirillov, Feb. 24,1945 ]

M3A1 M3A1 guarding a bridge across Oder. 2nd Byelorussian Front, Spring, 1945[3] NEW

M3A1 covering attacking infantry. 3rd Ukrainian Front, April 1945 [3] NEW

[Rem. AMVAS: In [4] caption to the same photo assigns this vehicle to the 1st Gds. Mechcorps. Vienna. April 1945]

M3A1+M2 Separate Recon Battalion (13 M3A1 "Scout" APC + Antitank battalion equipped with M2 APC as prime-movers) on march. South-Western Front, summer 1943 [4] NEW
M3A1 P.A. Rotmistrov near his M3A1 APC. 5th Gds. Tank Army/2nd Ukrainian Front. Jan.- Feb. 1945 [4] NEW
M3A1 The 44th Tank Brigade's commander.Gds. Lt. Colonel Gusakovskiy I.I. (left) and Gds. Major Vorobjev A.I. 1st Gds. Tank Army/4th Ukrainian Front, January 1944 [4] NEW
M3A1 "Scout" from one of the units of the 11th Tank Corps/1st Ukrainian Front. Tchernovtsy town, Jan. 30. 1944 [4] NEW
M3A1 Gds. Mladshiy Sergant Pryanichnikov A.P. and Gds. Yefrejtor Maximov P.N. on M3A1 "Scout" APC. 3rd Gds. Mechcorps, April 1944 [4] NEW
M3A1 M3A1 and BA-64 from the 4th Spearate Motorcycle Regiment/6th Tank Army in recon mission. Romania, september-October 1944 [4] NEW
M3A1 Submachinegunners of Capt. Kotov N.K. loaded on M3A1 APCs accompained by BA-64 armored car on a mission. 13th Gds. Mech. Brigade/2nd Ukrainian Front, August 1944 [4] NEW
M3A1 "Scout" from the 3rd Gds. Mechcorps/1st Baltic Front in Mitawa town. [4] NEW
M3A1 "Scout" from the 13th Gds. Mechinised Brigade 4th Gds. Mechcorps supporting infantry attack. Hungary, November 1944. NEW
M3A1 Commander of regimental recon service Gds. Captain Utkin gives a combat mision to scout car commander Kondrakov. 11th Cavalry Division/5th Gds. Cav. Corps. Hungary, Dec. 1944 [4] NEW
M3A1 "Scout" car from the 5th Gds. Tank Army just after capturing Tolkemin town. East, Prussia, Feb. 22, 1945 [4] NEW
Units of the 3rd Gds. Tank Corps on march. 2nd byelorussian Front, April 1945. [4] NEW
M3A1 Scouts loading in their APC. Austria, April 1945 [4] NEW
M3A1 "Scout" firing on the upper floors of buildings in the course of street fights in Vienna. 3rd Ukrainian Front, April 1945 [4] NEW
M3A1 Scouts of the 3rd Ukrainian Front in fights for Vienna. Draw attention to their rather exotic uniforms. 3rd Ukrainian Front, April 1945 [4] NEW
Scout Onthe left riverside of Spree. 1st Ukrainian Front, 1945 [4] NEW
Scout Scouts from the 10th Gds. Mechinised Brigade/5th Gds. Mechcorps/4th Gds. Tank Army/1st Ukrainian Front spruced up their vehicle. Czechoslovakia, May 5, 1945 [4] NEW

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