Armored Personnel Carriers


UpdatedJanuary 18, 2006


M2 half-track APC towing 76mm ZIS-3 gun. Sofia, September 9'1944. The vehicle belongs to the 15th Gds. Mechanised Brigade/4th Gds. Mechcorps [1]

[Rem. AMVAS from [2] it belongs to the 1962nd Antitank Art. Regt./15th Gds Mech. Brigade]

M2 M2 APC towing 122mm howitzer. Western Front, February. 1943 [2]
M2 Soviet convoy on march. On foreground one can see M2 APC. 3rd Ukrainian Front, Austria, 1945 [2]
M2 M2 APC towing 100mm BS-3 gun. Prague, October 1945 [2]


Rem. AMVAS: I followed captions in my books. So, possibility of mistakes exists in exact specification of those vehicles.

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