KV-2 Mod. 1941


UpdatedMay 9, 2007

AMVAS: there existed two modification of KV-2 tank. In different sources I have met pair of their names either KV-2 Mod. 1939, KV-2 Mod. 1940, or KV-2 Mod. 1940 and KV-2 Mod. 1941.

On my site I use KV-2 Mod. 1940 and KV-2 Mod. 1941 names of those modifications.

KV-2 (U-7) pre-series vehicle[1]

MT-2 turret, standard driver's hatch, early shape of hull nose, no both frontal and rear machine-guns. Two toolboxes on track shelves


KV-2M41 blueprints [2]


Blueprints are also available here

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