The Kursk Battle

January 16, 2008

I noticed much interest of my visitors to the battle at Prokhorovka. Really, its one of the most interesting, and most arguable battles in the history of the World War II. I found a very interesting paper, devoted to this battle. So, I'd like to present you an article based on it. Sorry not to provide you fulltext translation, as it is too large, but promise to omit only inessential details. Besides, I provide you original text.

All numbers of German Corps for convenience are given in Arabic numerals.

I'll cite the literature sources as they are given in original to avoid errors while back translation of foreign sources names given in Russian.

The value of this paper increases the fact of personal participation of the author - General-Major G.A. Oleinikov in this battle (of course, that time he was only a platoon commander)


The Battle at Prokhorovka (a brief translation of G.A. Oleinikov's paper [2])

(As this article is very large, it may be edited and corrected later)

Originals are given in PDF format. To read them you need Acrobat Reader.

Data of V. Zamulin [3]


Maps are available here

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