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Posted on Jul 14, 2008 in Tactics101, War College

Tactics 101:028 – Commander’s Guidance

By Rick Baillergeon and John Sutherland

    Intelligence

•    Priority Intelligence Requirements (as part of CCIR)

•    Counter-recon plan

•    Targeting priorities

•    Use of organic recon and surveillance assets

    Maneuver

•    Task and purpose for deep, close, and rear areas

•    Task organization

•    Aviation

•    Flight Time

•    Attack helicopters

•    Lift helicopters

•    C2 heicopters

•    Fixed Wing (CAS)

    Fire Support

•    Desired effects for fires

•    Initial concept for fires

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•    Employment of key systems

•    Restrictions and fire support coordination measures

•    High payoff targets

•    Class V (ammunition) planning considerations

    Mobility/Counter-Mobility/Survivability

•    Priorities of work

•    Use of Special munitions

•    Breaching guidance (deliberate, in-stride, assault, covert)

•    Obstacle intent

•    Use of smoke

•    Protective posture

•    Decon priorities

•    Priorities for survivability positions

    Air Defense

•    Protection priorities

•    Positioning of assets

•    Where will you accept risk in AD coverage?

    Combat Service Support

•    Overall CSS priorities in terms of (fixing, fueling, arming, moving, manning, and sustaining).

•    Priorities for classes of supply

•    Positioning of key CSS assets

•    MEDEVAC/treatment guidance

•    Protection for CSS units/assets

    Information Operations

•    Overall deception guidance

•    Information you want to ensure the enemy does not collect

•    Operational Security (OPSEC)

•    Electronic warfare considerations

•    Physical destruction considerations

•    Psychological Operations (PSYOP) considerations

•    Public Affairs considerations

    Command and Control  

•    Use of key communications assets

•    Anticipated location of command and control headquarters and key leaders

•    Force protection measures

•    Rules of Engagement

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