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Posted on Aug 8, 2011 in Games PR

Squad Battles: Falklands Released

Jim Zabek

Squad Battles: Falklands.  PC Game News.  Publisher/Developer: John Tiller Software. $39.95

John Tiller Software has released Squad Battles: Falklands for immediate sale. Squad Battles: Falklands offers 54 scenarios, the vast majority of which are historical, but also include a few hypothetical scenarios that could have taken place under slightly different circumstances. Battles include actions at Goose Green and Operation Rosario and the scenarios can last anywhere from six to 36 turns. Scale of the battle can vary from as few to six men to hundreds. Two scenario-linked campaigns are also included.

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A sandbox feature is also included where players can tinker with OOBs, scenarios, data, and maps. Units include numerous British units like the SAS, SBS, Paras and Royal Marine Commandos, as well as Argentine conscripts, commandos, and paratroopers.

Check out these screenshots, and for more information, please visit the official website:

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