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Land troops 1939-41


  1. Private infantryman in winter field uniform
  2. Mladshiy Politruk of artillery in summer field uniform with panama hat

  3. Private infantryman in full uniform
  4. A head of the Glavnoye Artilleryskoye Upravleniye RKKA (Major Artillery Directorate of the Red Army), Marshal of the USSR G.I. Kulik in full uniform

  5. Starshiy Lieutenant of Cavalry in full uniform
Land troops 1941-43


  1. General in winter uniform (1941-43)
  2. Infantryman in winter field uniform armed with Mosin rifle mod. 1891/30.

  3. Sniper
  4. Tankman in coverall
  5. Infantryman in summer field uniform and waterproof-cape armed with Shpagin (PPSh-41) submachinegun

Air forces 1939-45


  1. Lieutenant in casual uniform (1939-41)

  2. Starshiy Lieutenant of fighter aviation in flying gear. (1941)

  3. Major-General of aviation in flying jacket (1943-45)

  4. Pilot of bomber aviation in winter flying suit.
  5. Fighter-pilot (Guards Major B.N. Yeryomin) in casual kit and pilot helmet.
Navy 1941-45


  1. Kapitan-Lieutenant in casual uniform (1941-42)
  2. Starshina 1-j statji in field dress equipped for ground fights with automatic Simonov rifle AVS-36 (1941-42)

  3. Guards Red Navy man (artilleryman) of the Black Sea Fleet in full uniform (1945)

  4. Officer of Navy Air forces in flying gear.

  5. Baltic Squadron commander vice-admiral L.A. Vladimirskiy in full uniform (1945)

State Security, paramilitary troops, partisans 1941-45


  1. Starshiy Sergeant of frontier guards armed with Shpagin (PPSh-41) submachinegun (1941-42)

  2. Soldier of self-defense group of antiaircraft troops (1941-42)

  3. Captain of NKVD troops (1941-42)
  4. Partisan in captured German tunic (1943-44)
  5. Colonel of NKGB troops in full uniform (1945)
Land troops 1941-42


  1. Colonel of armored troops
  2. Starshiy sergeant of infantry in summer field uniform and battle equipment with Degtyarev (PPD-34) submachinegun.

  3. Fighter of workers battalion.
  4. Yefreitor of infantry in winter uniform (Red Square parade Nov. 7, 1941)
  5. Infantryman in winter camouflage cloak with Mosin rifle mod. 1891/30

Land troops 1943-44


  1. Sergeant of infantry with Simonov antitank rifle and captured German MP40 submachinegun.
  2. Yefreitor of medical service in field uniform

  3. Soldier from the assault engineer-sapper brigade armed with Shpagin (PPSh-41) submachinegun of second modification.
  4. Starshiy Lieutenant of antitank artillery regiment
  5. Paratrooper in winter uniform and landing outfit.
Land troops 1945


  1. Woman traffic-controller.
  2. Private of the 4th Gds. Kuban Cossack Cavalry Corps in winter field uniform.
  3. Colonel of infantry in field uniform.
  4. Mladshiy Sergeant of infantry in full uniform.
  5. The 1st Ukrainian Front commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union I.S. Konev in full uniform. (Victory Parade, Moscow, June 24, 1945)

  1. S. Drobyazko, "Vtoraya Mirovaya Vojna 1939-45", Eksmo, Moscow, 2006 (Drawings of A. Karashchuk)

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