Double-turreted T-26


Updated February 25, 2007

T-26M33 with mixed armament T-26M33 with mixed armament [1]
T-26 infantry supporting tank 1931 vintage

T-26 infantry supporting tank 1931 vintage, equipped with twin turrets. Tactical signs show that the vehicle belongs to the 2nd company of the 2nd battalion. Unidentified Tank Regiment, August-September 1941 [2]

Twin turret T-26 tank, 1931 model.

Twin turret T-26 tank, 1931 model. The vehicle assigned to the Red Army's 21st Tank Division. Its hull shown in worn out condition with a few of the road wheels having been replaced with wheels from a later T-26 version. The tactical designations indicate that the tank belonged to the 1st Company of 1st Battalion. Northern Front, Luga Operational Task Force, vicinity of the town of Soltsy, July 1941.[3]

T-26 mod. 1931-32 [4]
T-26 mod.33 with MG armament [4]
T-26 with mixed arms [4]
T-26 equipped with B-3 gun [4]
T-26 equipped with radio [4]

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