Minsk in Memoires, Aerials, Photos, Maps 1941-44

(in Russian)

Updated May 14, 2017


This project was performed for "RKKA in World War II" site by pupils of the Moscow school Nr. 1451 Ilya Goltsev and Pavel Kosmynin under guidance of Svetlana Pirogova for the project "School of real business" (case Nr. 41).


A brief description of the project

Our initial goal was to show the timeline 1941-44 in application to the Minsk town.

The project is based on the Google Earth engine and filled with numerious aerials of the town made by Germans mostly in 1941 year in the very first days of the war on June 22-27, 1941. A large number of photos taken in 1930-40s both prior to the war and after occupation of Minsk were used. Some number of memoirs about those first days of the war presents as well as a pack of different maps of the town and its vicinities.


A brief instruction ofr usage:

  1. You must have Google Earth installed on your computer
  2. Follow this link to download the KMZ file.
  3. Open the downloaded file with Google Earth application.
  4. Use left panel to show/hide different layers for aerials, maps and other content incorporated into this file.



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  2. Misc. Internet photos
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  4. http://ruiny-v-upor.livejournal.com
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