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2007/2008 Issue!
The Right Flank

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Editor's Welcome
Welcome to the last 2007/first 2008 issue of "General Intel" - Armchair General® magazine’s online newsletter! If you are receiving this, it's because you are a fan of Military History and gaming. Here are the latest highlights from

From all of the staff here at Armchair General, have a safe and prosperous 2008.

What's New on Armchair General
Armchair General in 2007
We've had a breakout year in 2007, as we passed our 4th year anniversary, and we have our readers to thank for it. We've tried to bring you the best in military history articles, strategy and wargame reviews, and a community suited to open and interesting discussions. We hope you agree we've come a long way since we opened our doors in 2003 and to all those who have recommended us to friends and family, subscribed to our print magazine, and made our site a home - THANK YOU!
Armchair General in 2008  
We have big plans for 2008, and we invite you to be a part of the excitement. We can't give away all our surprises, but look for any number of the following; new article series, more reviews, new authors, new staff members, new partnerships, more trivia, more prizes, more conventions, more seminars, new podcasts, new videos, new sister websites, a website facelift, and much more. This doesn't even include the improvements upcoming in the print magazine! In short, we have a lot of plans in the hopper for 2008. Look to the website in early 2008 as these new features come online...
January 2008 Issue Leaving Newsstands Soon
Put your feet up this winter with your latest issue of ACG! Parachute into action with German Paratroopers over Crete, follow the exploits of British Redcoats around the globe and fight with Hitler’s Blitzkrieg genius, General Heinz Guderian in Russia 1941 – all this and much more! Visit the site to see the issue in all its glory! Get it before it's gone!
Armchair General Game News
It's been a busy time for our dedicated gaming reviewers, for the PC you can check out our coverage of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Guns of August and the Supreme Commander expansion Forged Alliance.  We've got boardgamers covered as well with our overview of Brittania, not to mention two miniatures games - Axis & Allies: 1939-1945 and Pirates of the Cursed Seas.
Armchair Military History
Our Tactics 101 series is still going strong and for anyone interested in urban combat, you'd be advised to check out number 21 in the sequence - Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield in Urban Operations or, if human interest stories are what interests you, we have some intriguing stories revealing the fate of an escaped WWII POW and the story of a helmet, plus the very final Interactive Combat Story - Korea: The Next War, Part III!  Finally, with tongue firmly in cheek, you can join Doctor Sinister in a trip back in time as he tries to kidnap George Washington - the latest episode in our increasingly unpopular Incorrect Art of War series.
Rear Guard
Achtung Panzer!
Today we look back at discussions going on between our members on the forums, specifically in regards to our section on German Panzers. You can join in to discuss the merits of the Jagdtiger, debate how many Shermans it takes to kill one Tiger, discuss the flaws of the German armor designs, and much much more. Go take a look and join our community of Panzer enthusiasts! Achtung Panzer forum. Achtung Panzer website.

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