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Posted on Mar 17, 2010 in War College

Military Museum World Tour: Athens War Museum

By Peter Suciu


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The outside of the museum is flanked in a variety of artillery pieces, as well as a fighter planes used since the post-World War II era.

Athens is the capital of modern Greece, and a city with a long military tradition. It is also home to the nation’s fine military museum. The Athens War Museum was established in 1975, and chronicles history of Greece from antiquity through its wars of independence to the modern day. The collections include uniforms, weapons and equipment from all the wars in which Greece was involved, including the two Balkan conflicts, the First World War, World War II and of course the Greek Civil War. In additional the Athens War Museum offers a room devoted to other militaries from around the world, with a fantastic collection of Medieval Japanese artifacts.

The museum is open daily and offers free admission. For more information please visit:

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  1. A long time fan of the magazine, this is my first visit to the website.
    Thank you.

    I am wondering if you have published an article about the Imperial War Museum, London, or the new Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Canada. Both are excellent.

    I’d also like to ‘shout out’ for the National Army Museum, London, located next to Royal Hospital Chelsea, on Royal Hospital Road, not as spectacular as the IWM, but too often overlooked on the long list of Museums in the British Capitol.

  2. Also worth noting might be that some of the exhibits could be in actual working order. Famously, in 1990 the Greek terrorist organisation November 17th stole grenades and bazookas from the museum which it subsequently used in its operations. I don’t recommend people do that though!

  3. And, with the rioting, your trip to and fro can really set the mood!

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