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Posted on Feb 27, 2004 in War College

Korean War Maps Series – Part IV

By Shane Sohnle

Armchair General is proud to present a series of high quality maps from the Korean War. Operations THUNDERBOLT and ROUNDUP are included in this edition. Our next installment will cover operations KILLER, RIPPER, and COURAGEOUS.

(Click on the maps for full sized images).

NK 11 Corps and V Corps Attacks, 7 – 22 January 1951.

Operation THUNDERBOLT, 25 – 31 January 1951.

Operation ROUNDUP, the X Corps Plan, 4 February 1951.

Operation THUNDERBOLT, 1 – 11 February 1951.

Operation ROUNDUP, 5 – 11 February 1951.

Battle for Hoengsong, 11 – 13 February 1951.

Chip’yong-ni, 13 – 14 February 1951.

Defending the Wonju Line, 13 – 18 February 1951.

Korean War Map Series
U.S Army Center of Military History
Scanned Courtesy of the Korean War Project

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