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Posted on Apr 14, 2011 in Games PR

Gettysburg: Scourge of War Patched

Jim Zabek

Norb Software Development, Inc. announces the release of Feature Patch version 1.2 for Gettysburg: Scourge of War. This update includes many new items including:

  • New Map – East Cavalry Field.
  • 10 new scenarios set in East or South Cavalry Field.
  • 3 new multiplayer Cavalry scenarios.
  • New Map – Gettysburg – a double sized map covering all of the areas of major infantry fighting during the three days of battle.
  • Modding capability for multiplayer games.
  • New Command Map allows units to be ordered to a specific map location.
  • Free text Courier messages are now available.
  • 45 additional improvements and 37 listed bug fixes.

The patch to update existing installations of the game to version 1.20 is available at:

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The demo version available on the Scourge of War website at: is now at version 1.102.

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  1. I have just bought antietan download and nothing works.

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