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Game Conventions News and reports from Game Conventions.

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Old 02 Mar 10, 18:21
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Blitzpuppy is on the path to success [1-99] Blitzpuppy is on the path to success [1-99] Blitzpuppy is on the path to success [1-99]
Nashcon 2010 + Tillercon 3

Nashcon, the premier miniatures gaming convention of the Midsouth, will be held May 28 - 30 (Memorial Day weekend), 2010, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Events scheduled at this time include a gi-normous pirate game, a Rogue Trader tournament, Field of Glory, Flames of War and DBA tournaments, plus a dealers room and a Sunday morning flea market. For more information, go to http://hmgs-midsouth.org/?page_id=53

For the first time, Tillercon computer gaming convention will run concurrently with Nashcon in the same hotel. See http://hpssims.com.c7.previewyoursit...isplay.php?f=3
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Old 04 May 10, 21:41
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rahamy is on the path to success [1-99]
What's the condition of the Nashville area after all the flooding? Planning on coming over for TillerCon, so really hopeful that the weather doesn't put a wrench in it.
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