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Download Games Here you will find games where their files must be downloaded onto your computer and installed there in order to play.

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Old 24 Feb 09, 12:17
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Frank Hunter's American Civil War

Frank Hunter's American Civil War

If you don't have the game already, it's a strategical-level turn-based game of the whole four-year war. You take the place of the president of the Union or the Confederacy and his top-level generals. What you see is a map of the USA in 1861 with counters representing armies, corps, and divisions. There are no fancy graphics and no fast action. This is a serious simulation, it's quite slow-paced, and it takes a long time to play.
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Old 27 Jun 15, 20:33
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Where can I get a free download for Windows 7 of Civil War Generals 2? Been looking but, no luck yet.

Thank You, sir
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