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Orders of Battle Orders-of-battle, TO&E's, and related information on who fought where and what they brought to the battle.

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Old 09 Jul 08, 07:36
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Looking for TO&E of 75th Rangers & Airborne

Greetings everyone! My first post on the Armchair Generals forum!

I've been playing Close Combat Modern Tactics a lot lately and have been doing a little editing of the game.

Would anyone happen to know the company TO&E of both a standard 75th Ranger company and a 101st or 82nd Airborne company? Looking for contemporary modern TO&E. And looking for organization all the way down to fire team composition. Also what is the composition of various heavy weapons teams, etc. associated with these units.

2nd question: Are there any good books out there which have comprehensive TO&Es all the way down to fire team composition for various modern armies including most European armies? When I was younger I used to have a wargaming rule book that had TO&Es for modern units. Is there anything out there like that anymore?

Many thanks for any help!
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Old 12 Jul 08, 17:19
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hello mate i own the Yahoo TO&Es group try there a few knowledgable people there who could help .. see link in my signature

owner of the yahoo group for WW1 ,WW2 and Modern TO&Es
(Tables of organisation & equipment or Unit of action )

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Old 10 Nov 09, 16:52
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There is FM 7-85 Ranger Unit Operations... It has very good 75th RR TOE

For modern AASLT\ABN toe - try to look for FKSM 71-8... (ICBT)
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