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Warfare Through the Ages Roman, Greek, Japanese, etc. Topics cover all manner of pre-modern warfare and empire-building and crushing.

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Old 20 Oct 10, 16:46
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Genghis is on the path to success [1-99]
Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan took a group of warring, independant tribes with vehement dislike for each other, and transformed them into a nation completely under his control, who went on to conquer much of China, Europe and Arabia. Their army was unmatched (at the time, and I believe under Genghis and tsubodai would have been for a long time) and the mongol ability to adapt was incredible.
The military and national systems he put into place were revolutionary, as were his ideals, political devices and views on religion and loyalty.
Genghis Khan changed the history of the world single-handedly.
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Old 02 Jan 11, 17:16
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In the history of conflict...

I would have three in no particular order yet my favorite depends on my mood and which day it is haha!
1. Alexander the Great would be one and because he would today be locked up for being loony. He killed his best friend in a drunken brawl, he believed his father was Zeus not Philip II of Macedon. He was an outstanding tactician and strategist who personally led charges of his Companion cavalry. He assaulted many cities such as Tyre. Yet he was fickle and sulked in his tent for three days when his men didnt want to march anymore for his glory and theirs. He then spitefully led them back through the worst possible terrain and worse route possible to Babylon purposely killing most of them in a feat similar in scope to Napoleans retreat from Russia, yet again his was on purpose. Yet noone could deny his bravery and elan and his empire would not outlast him since it was built by him and him alone not by Macedonia as a whole. He did have the luck to have a fine tuned army which his father built yet one should recall that he used that army versus the Greeks when he commanded a wing of it. He was undefeated and fearless, yet why not he believed himself to be a God.
2. Julius Caesar would be another. His life is stranger than fiction. A young patrician captured by pirates who had prior had a sentence of death put on him by the dictator Sulla because he refused to divorce his wife! He took command of a province and raised legions he personally trained intoa devoted warmachine. Strategically and tactically he was second to none, and when he erred he had the capability and the tenacity to adjust what went wrong and why it occurred. Noone in his time was even in his league period. He loved Rome and was a true patriot. He didnt at all wish to be king or destroy the republic. Many of his plans were abandoned or forgotten, much like his plans to conquer Germania and Parthia. Yet some wer carried to fruition even much later by others. He wanted to dig a canal across the ismus of Corinth which was done but by the British in the 1800's! Nero did try to build it but the project was stopped when he was killed. Ostia was built by Claudius though as he had planned.
3. The third would be for all the lovers out there, best portrayed by another lover. This would be Mark Antony. He was indeed a boozer, and a womanizer as was the best actor who portrayed him, Richard Burton. He spent more time partying the dealing with issues at hand. Yet he had great ability and once he arose from his stupor was able to lead is legions with consumate ability. It should be noted he was defeated at sea at Actium not on land there. Although he may have been forced to fight due to dwindling food supplies and problems with malaria. It is never mentioned that he was Julius Caesars first cousin. His Donations of Alexandria may or may not have been a political gaffe, yet I doubt he expected Octavian to know of the contents of his will safedguarded in the Temple of Vesta which Octavian impiously seized. Octavian knew this because Plancus went over to his side due to conflict with Cleopatra. He was not a great administrator as Caesar was yet he didnt want to destroy the republic either, nor did he want war with Rome or Octavian. There are still extant snipets from letters he wrote back to Octavian where he said " what business of it is yours who I am with? Do I ask who you are with? Why are you behaving this way ?" He also before the showdown challenged Octavian to single combat instead of having legions slaughter each other, and again offered twice later. Octavian didnt answer. He was flawed, tragic, very human. His Parthian war is much misunderstood. He was betrayed by Octavian who refused to send him the legions he needed and the Armenians burned his seige train and yet he fought over 30 battles with the Parthians and got his army back across the Euphrates. the Parthians greatly respected him.
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Old 23 May 11, 22:36
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Ricthofen Ricthofen is offline
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Real Name: Walther
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Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100] Ricthofen has demonstrated strength of character [100]
"The battle is only lost once you consider it lost."

Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein

November 24th, 1887 - June 9th, 1973

Served in:
German Empire
Weimar Republic
Nazi Germany
West Germany

Erich von Manstein led a long military career, serving first in World War I and finally serving as a chief military advisor to the British, French, and Americans in West Germany. He was most famously known for his service on the Eastern Front of WWII, where he quickly showed unprecedented tactical and strategic ability, and was soon known as one of the best, if not the best, general the Axis Powers possessed. Following the disaster of Stalingrad, the outspoken critic of Hitler and his war plans continued to fight and lead, regardless of Hitler's blundering. Though eventually ousted in mid-1944 after a bitter dispute with Adolf, can ousting which many claimed shortened the War considerably, Manstein remained well-respected. Though tried for war crimes at Nuremburg post-War, he was quickly released from prison, and was appointed by NATO as a chief military advisor to occupation forces in West Germany.

His stick-to-it-ness and perserverance, and bravery and honor to his country regardless of how badly things went, make him a patriotic hero, and a prime symbol of bravery, national pride, and duty, in my opinion.
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Old 05 Dec 12, 00:27
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Count of Cannae Count of Cannae is offline
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Count of Cannae is on the path to success [1-99]
My pick would be the combination on Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, Marx, who was the philosopher, was a revolutionary thinker, in my mind, on how communism was a utopian government, whereas Vladimir put that government into effect, most people know of Stalin and his exploits, whereas Lenin successfully put theory into reality and effected the world, and is still effecting the world.
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Old 01 Apr 15, 06:53
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djole is on the path to success [1-99]
Originally Posted by Maggotman View Post
Great Topic!

Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismarck! The son of a Prussian Military officer and a British Diplomat. Spoke fluent English and German. 1st Chancellor of The German Empire, 1st Chancellor of the North German Confederation, Furst (a rank in the Emperor's court), 21st Chancellor of Prussia, The " Iron Chancellor!"

The Unifier of Germany, won 4:1 odds against France, Austria and the republic of Hanover. In my opinion he perfected the use of Early trench warfare, Closest advisor to 2 of the 3 German Emperors before being dismissed by (the infamous) Wilhelm II, Created a great Memoir: [I]Gedanken und Erinnerungen.[I] or in english my thoughts and memories.

Around the age of 73 he started trying to get other European Countries from allying with France for he sensed a great war!

After being dismissed by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1895 he made two INCREDIBLY acurrate predictions:

"After Fredrick the Great's death there came Jena, The Crash will come 20 years after my departure."

"One day the great European War will come out of some damned mess in the Balkans!"

He died in 1898(+20=1918!).

World War I Began after the assasination of Franz Ferdinand in the Balkan Country of Serbia.

If any of you need a picture of him look at my Avatar.

That's all i got! so long! ,

P.S. Besides you can't go wrong with a mustache like that!
Sarajevo was anexed by AH so it wasnt in kingdom of Serbia back then
during that act Serbia at peak of military might back then(of course for small country)was mobilisated fo war with AH to respond for anexation of Bosnia,but Bismark said Germany is not yet ready for war.he wasnt seeing in future he make future to happen,like going to make conflict at balkansand return some French occupied regions
but he was bad ass in balance ,in his time even better then Brittish
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