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Notices and Announcements

Orders of Battle Orders-of-battle, TO&E's, and related information on who fought where and what they brought to the battle.

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Old 16 Apr 05, 20:18
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UK Joint Rapid Reaction Force OOB

Joint Rapid Reaction Force

The UK Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF) is a rapidly deployable force that combines "ready" units from all three services. From this pool the MOD can draw the right mix of forces to mount short-notice, medium-scale operations ranging from evacuating British citizens, to high intensity conflict.

The creation of the JRRF now enables the UK to mount up to two simultaneous operations of up to 15,000 personnel each.

Key to the rapid deployment of the force are three enabling capabilities:

Strategic lift from:

6 x RO-RO Strategic Lift Ships

45 x C-130 Hercules Air Transporters

4 x C-17 Globemaster Air Transporters

Joint Logistics Support - including medical support

Command and Control - including a deployable Joint Task Force headquarters, Joint Communications and Intelligence

The pool of forces available to the Joint Rapid Reaction Force will vary as a result of current operations, but it's approximate size and shape will include:

20 x Major warships (including Aircraft Carriers, Amphibious Ships, Attack Submarines, Destroyers and Frigates)

4 x Support vessels (including Mine Hunters and Support Ships)

4 x Combat Brigades (RM Commando, Air Assault, Mechanised and Armored)

110 x Combat Aircraft

150 x Support Aircraft

Spearhead Forces

Where necessary, the Joint Rapid Reaction Force can be deployed in three phases. The first are known as "Spearhead Forces" and are available at 'very high' readiness and the pool includes the following:

1. Special Forces (SAS / SBS)

2. A "Spearhead Land Element" force of either:

1 x Royal Marine Commando

1 x Parachute Regiment Battalion / Light Infantry Battalion

3. Naval Spearhead Force of:

2 x Destroyers / Frigates

1 x Attack Submarine (SSN)

1 x RFA Support Ship

First Echelon

1. A Maritime Task Group comprising:

1 x Aircraft Carrier (CVS)

2 x Destroyers / Frigates

1 x Attack Submarine (SSN)

A Mine Countermeasure Force

An Amphibious Task Group (capable of deploying a Joint Landing Force)

RFA Support Ships

A RO-RO Strategic Sea Lift ship

Second Echelon

Second echelon forces are available at 'high' readiness to provide greater hitting power should the first echelon require strengthening or to conduct further operations. The second echelon would be comprised of the following assets:

1. Additional maritime forces

A 2nd Aircraft Carrier (CVS) in the LPH role

Additional Destroyers / Frigates

Additional SSNs

Additional Mine Counter Measures Forces

Additional RFA Support Ships

2 additional RO-RO Strategic Sea Lift ships

2. A choice of ground force brigades drawn from:

3 Commando Brigade

No. Soldiers: 6,000 (inc. 2,100 x Royal Marine Commandos)
108 x Viking BvS10
20 x Sea King Mk 5
6 x Lynx Mk 7 & 9 x Gazelle
16 x Scimitar CVR(T)
7 x Spartan CVR(T)
4 x Striker CVR(T)
18 x 105mm Light Guns
8 x Rapier FSC
Boats & LCAC from 539 Squadron RM

16 Air Assault Brigade

No. Soldiers: 10,000 (inc. 1,900 x Infantry)
48 x WAH-64 Apache Longbow
24 x Lynx Mk 7
16 x Scimitar CVR(T)
7 x Spartan CVR(T)
4 x Striker CVR(T)
18 x 105mm Light Guns
18 x SF HVM
Helicopters from JHC

A Mechanised Brigade (from 3 (UK) Mechanised Division)

No. Soldiers: 5,000 (in. 2,100 x Infantry)
58 x Challenger CR2
58 x Warrior IFV
112 x Saxon APC
32 x AS-90 SPG
3 x SP HVM & 3 x LML HVM
32 x Sabre CVR(T)
16 x Scimitar CVR(T)
11 x Spartan CVR(T)

An Armored Brigade (from 1 (UK) Armored Division)

No. Soldiers: 5,000 (inc. 1,500 x Infantry)
Equipment: 58 x Challenger 2
104 x Warrior IFV
56 x FV-432
32 x AS-90 SPG
36 x HVM SP
24 x Sabre CVR(T)
16 x Scimitar CVR(T)
11 x Spartan CVR(T)

3. Additional air assets across the full spectrum of airpower roles.

Following the commitment to create the Joint Rapid Reaction Force in 1998, the utility of such a force was demonstrated in May 2000 when units were deployed to Sierra Leone to conduct: Operation Palliser
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