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Weapons of War The machinery of warfare. .

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Old 26 Aug 17, 11:14
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Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
There are literally dozens of different rounds for the 105 main gun. They are not all antiarmor. The round is smaller so they can fit more of them in the tank and they are lighter to manhandle. A 120 breechloading mortar could be shoe horned onto a Bradley and it might even fit in a C-130. I don't see Armor Branch going for anything smaller than a 105 on a "tank". Now you might have a chance if you call the vehicle an Assault Gun.
Placing a breechloading 120 mm mortar on Bradley should not be a problem with regards to it fitting in a C-130. Take a look at the NEMO mortar system for an example.
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Old 29 Aug 17, 02:39
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If we the U.S. Army goes forward with developing a light tank it should do two things. First call a light tank a light tank not an armored/mobile gun system. Secondly the ability to defeat and kill enemy tanks is an important capability. Let's not forget what happened to the British and Polish airborne troops at Arnhem in September 1944 during Operation Market Garden. In a nutshell give the Airborne something more to kill tanks than Javelin missiles or Humvee mounted Town missles.
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