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Real Time Strategy Games Discussion of all strategy games that use a Real-Time system, from the typical RTS games to the hardcore wargames.

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Old 02 Mar 17, 18:30
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real RTS decision-based idea

Hello, I would like to show my idea.

Firstly, some thoughts about the actual RTS games.

I have played a lot of some RTS games, like "Age of Empires" saga, "Command & Conquer" saga, "Settlers" saga, "Total War" saga, and some others.

And I have also tryed some others like World of Warcraft.

I have played likely the first of each one, that for me, are the best ones...

So, that we can see in all that games, is that, basically, they all do the same... You have to build your base, build units, collects resources, and defend/attack.

And we are calling it RTS games. Well, have you ever thought that in the real live there's one person saying build it here and do one unit, another one, and take this resouce here? I think no...

In the real live is more like giving general orders, like attack this zone, or just build a base, not your team of 5 units go to this point, then to this one, and then attack just that unit/building.

In general terms all the actual RTS are based on it.

So, in my opinion we can call it individual orders games, because you are who have to do everything, and in my opinion, this is more like action, than strategy.

And now, why we donīt thing about how a real RTS would like to be?

Letīs just thing in strategy, just that word. Strategy itīs make a plan, itīs a procces, itīs directing all of that.

Think about, we start our game, we can take like example one of the firsts C&C games.
We have our base, and we start with some units, and itīs all about clicking places to build on or to move/attack to...

Well, and if we make some strategy with it?

I donīt want any more clicking on where to build buildings, or selecting specific units to go/do something like defend/attack.

What I want is to explain to the game how I want to have my base built, what buildings have to be more out/in the base, how I want to protect them, or the importance they have for me.

This way, perhaps I will just have to select the zone where I want my base to be in, or the direction where I want to expand it, then, the game will go on building and making an strategy to defend it.

Before of creating our base we can gave orders like:
1 > where would have it to be done. 2 > how to create it. 3 > collecting resources. 4 > where to expand to.

1 > here we can choose between building instanly or look for a better place, by sending explorers, we can love more to have an economy strategy by placing the base where we can collect a lot, or a corner where wait our attackers. Perhaps we will love more to build the base near of mountains to have a different way to attack/defend or collecting minerals, or perhaps we will love better to build near the sea to build sea army, or collect goods from the sea.
Perhaps we can be able to choose if we want to hide our base into the mountains, or create a forest around to difficult the acces, or walls to defend.

2 > I want to tell the game how the base will be build, Iīm tired about clicking to start building and placing the buildings, and looking where to place them. I would like to choose the importance of the buildings, like energy buildings and exploration/radars ones to be near of the main central, and then the buildings to build units more in the external zone of the base. Here we can tell too to the game if we want to make just a wall to round the base, or different rings to protect it, also if we want to add defense towers or buildings with it.
If we start in a corner map, we can choose if we start building just in the corner to after expanding to the outside, or the way we will like our base to be build, like a L or U or T or D or I form. This way we will have our operations center more protected, or if we choose to build our main base leaving a place from the corner to the main construction we will be able to have a place in the back of the base to some special buildings or to stock our army/goods.

3 > collecting resources is allways important. Here we will choose what resources are more important for us, if we would like to collect them by stablishing collect bases near the resource or if we will love more to do the way from the base to collect them. We would be able to choose if we defend the resources we have collected, the resources we are collecting, or the resources we will collect, how we want them to be collected, and how we want to defend them, or just defend the harvester.

4 > where to expand to. I would like to choose how I want to explore/expand the map. I would like to do it with special exploration units, to explore the map around the base, in rings ways, or if I want to do it in a concrete direction, like if I have started in the southwest corner, to explore to just to the north, to the east, doing rings, or doing lines straigth the map. Perhaps I would like to send an explorer in the direction where I have received an attack, or to explore a zone where there are resources.

Same for the units. I donīt want to click to create each unit, or click ten times to create 10 units. I want to stablish the type of army I want to have, like more based on ground soldiers or air attack. This way, if we tell the game: I want a ground army with one hand to defend attacks by air. So, with this order the game will make just gunners, rocket soldiers, tanks and tanks with rockets. And I will also tell him the way and how many I want to do of them. And we can think about many kinds of orders to create armys like:
1> Create army to defend the base. 2 > create army to defend the resources collectors. 3 > create an army to attack/explore

1 > create army to defend the base:
here we will tell the game how and how many units we want to do to protects our base, or if we want to use the in company of defense buildings like turrets or not. We can tell the game that to defend our base we want to have 10 units mixed about grenadiers and tanks. So if the 10 units have just been done, don't do more if no casualties, or to avoid an unforeseen have some units more like 5 reserved to be able to strengthen if cassualities. Now we can choice if we want the units just defending the perimeter, or some side of the base. If we want that the units defending will defend just his place, or they will have all the units with them. Here we can also choose if we want them to defend just the perimeter or more agresively if they see a unit around. Here we can also choose if we want to have engineers to repair defense buildings and/or the tanks, or doctors for the soldiers. Also if we like more to have a repair base or a hospital, and when we want to send them to be repaired or cured.
This way we will be able to choose how we can defend our base, more with buildings, with army, or mixing them.

2 > we all know that in a lot of games, almost all, we have to collect resources, and the important they are.
If we have a harvester and we send him to harvest, we have to be allways looking for him.
I want to tell the game that the harvester will be autonomous, he search the resources, if he don't find, he will explore, and I can tell him the resource to collect firstly.
I will tell him that if he could be under attack, just to stay working or to go to the base to be defended.
I want to tell the game to create special units to defend the harvester, and the way they have to protect them, or in the place of the harvester, have any other unit to send to look for resources, and/or defend them until the harvester arrives.
This way we will be giving orders, but we will remain quiet because we will know that our harvester will be safe, and will do a better work.

3 > I want to tell the game what kind of army I want to have, and what to do, or how to behave in different situations.
I want to have an army based on tanks and airplanes/helicopters. So the game will just build that kind of units. I would like to have exploration units to expand the map and show me the way, they can be also spyes or special killers.
When my built tanks are in the way, I want them to go alone, and, depending of what they find, by example if they are beeing highly attacked the planes will make fire cover, if itīs just a casual attack and the tanks can solve it, planes will still at the base. I can prefer having some helicopters staying always near the tanks.
I want to create battle strategies, to tell my army how they would do it. This way I will be able to have a 20 units army going the way, and tell them that if they find opposition from the north, I want a little team of 5 units to surround the zone and attack by the back.

All you have read, itīs not to be done by clicks in the maps, itīs done to take decisions of how we want it to be done, itīs not for all the same.

All decissions we are making are decissions that we take before starting the game, like if we where making our profile, based on lovings, number of units and percentages. And that we can modify after, during the game, and due to how the game advances.

Want to play an example? Go on.

Go on by choosing our way to play, economy, war, more or less agressive, love more ground, air or sea units, heavier army or bigger light army.

Imagine what we can find in a map:
Mountains, valley, sea, rivers.
Resources: food (fish, meat), minerals (gold, silver, stone), other (trees, agriculture)

Like first strategy options I will choose:

70% of resources for war and 30% for economy. I will start with a 80/20% defend/attack strategy. I choose to attack enemy units according to the number found. When the enemy base will be found, I would attack the sourroundings by waves to know better the enemy base, and when enough explored, siege mode and wave attacks. I will choose to play near the sea 30% and valley 70%. I will start with a defense strategy in the beggining to build my army. If exploring I find the map limit I will build my base with a D form, if not, I will choose a O. My explorer will explore in ring mode, going out just for 2/5 of the size of the base, and 4/5 in the way of any incoming attack. As I have choosed a 70% of war, collecting resources will be more oriented to war units build, so my harvesters will like more to look for minerals like 60% and 20/20 for food and others. I would like my base to be built in two rings, the internal with all functional buildings defensed with a wall, and the other one for the war side with defense buildings and units. I will choose to to collect resources from my base. As army I choose heavier army based in tanks 60% and air attack 40% with "in" units to repair 5%. A 20% of that army to defend harvesters and resources, 10% to defend the outside ring of the base and a 5% stored for the unforseen attacks.

We start a map with 1 IA opponent.

We have choosed to do a fast sightseeing of the zone by our exploring unit/s, if it find a valley it will explore a little to open the map, it it find sea, he will explore a little more the area near the sea who finds the valley. If there's just mountais he will look for an opened area like a valley.
My explorer have done the work, and thereīs an area whit mountains, and near a valley. So the base will expand in O form leaving a place from the mountain.

The game starts building, energy builds near the main building, communications near, and collect buildings in the main ring closed by a wall. All that while our explorer looks for goods and expands the map.
The sooner the explorer finds minerals in the mountains the harvesters go on, beeing defended with the firsts units created.
While the first resources arrives, the outside ring itīs being built with defense towers and turning units. When all base units have been done the next production is to be stocked.

Meanwhile, before starting to stock units, I have received an attack from the north of the map, they have been neutralized, the lost units have been replaced by the ones in the stock and the rest repaired.

Instantly my explorer have advanced a little more to the north to monitor the area to have the map opened in that way i have been attacked.

Like random attacks arrive to the base, new units are build and/or repaired, and harvester is allways beeing defended. The map goes more and more expanded due to the ring exploration and specially to the way attacks have came.

As I have chosen a 80/20% defend/attack strategy, my units have just defend the base, and attacked some unit in the sorroundings of the explored map.

Now I think that I have a good army, I change my strategy to a 30/70% to attack, and my units got dispersed by the known map, and a big group is going with the explorer.

The soon as they find any enemy they fight with, and continues to explore the way they have find, just to arrive to the base and start attacking to explore the surroundings of the base. When they have finished of discovering almost all the base, they will get in siege mode to undermine their defenses, and then it will be arriving attacks in waves just to defeat the enemy.

So, those are just examples of how the game can be. In my opinion it's a new way of strategy, that can be done by making decissions by %, events, or personal decissions, no more need to click each unit and building yourself every build.

It can be done by fast menus with different choices, separately by genre, like defending, resources, war, and beeing called according to the trajectory of the game, having more or less priority.

If it's taken as a big project, it can be better implemented to playstations like PlayStation or Xbox, because there's no pointing to something... We all know that strategy games in playstations are not so good with the gamepad. Allways better in PC, but now it can be good to in a playstation.

It can be done to for mobile phones and tablets in a lighter way, but also full of choices.

And something important to, yes, it's about taking decissions more than the normal action of RTS games where you have to be cliking all the way. Now, that you have taken a lot of decissions, and the game will take care about your decissions, you will be able too to control some of your units, like a full squad, just an assassin/snipper/special unit, or simply the harvester, or the team defending it.
So, as te game goes on you will be able to take care about the things that you will love, same if you want to go on with all the war matters, or collecting resources, or just defending your base will your taken decissions defeats the opponent.

I don't have the knowledge to do a game like it, nor the money, ressources, etc, but I have encore a lot of ideas to add to, and imagine while you are reading, if you are just thinking to in things to add.

If someone wants to go on with it, it's to you, I just wonder that perhaps one day I will be able to play a real RTS game, based on strategies, made by decisions.

I am posting this text in different forums and web related.

Thank you for reading, I think at least that you have entertained.
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Old 18 Sep 17, 01:51
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Cool, that's why I chose to play Empires War. It's like the mobile version of AOE, a real RTS that I can play with my friends conveniently.
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