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Real Time Strategy Games Discussion of all strategy games that use a Real-Time system, from the typical RTS games to the hardcore wargames.

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Old 04 Apr 16, 17:07
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Arrow New WWII Tactical Wargame - Simulation - Art of Combat Anzio

Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I have been on these forums. I had another account, but can't find it lol. I have been out of action for a number of years due to ill health but am back in the saddle now... I used to deal with ACG when Julie Kershanbaum was involved. Hope this is the correct forum, if not mods please move it to the correct place.

Some of you may know me through my work at Matrix Games and Wargamer or with My Own Company producing tactical simulations for the Military in the US and UK as well as starting the Close Combat Rebuilds.

Late summer of 2015 about 7 months ago, myself and several hardened Grogs decided to start development on a new tactical wargame/simulation.

What we are aiming for is to develop a totally realistic squad based infantry tactical simulator. The game will have an Operational layer allowing for abstracted Tactical play [Anzio in the first iteration] The game is being built by Tackom, a company we set up with 12 developers. Work is progressing well and Op Layer and Battle Maps are coming along great as are assets and mechanics. The game is provisionally slated for Q3 17.

Quick Description of Art of Combat - Anzio 44 -

The best way to imagine Art of Combat is as an old table top game. The Table is the Strategic [Strat Map] This is where the operational aspects of the game take place. You move your Bgs [Battle Groups] around, [Infantry – Armour – Recon – Heavy Infantry – Engineers – Mixed etc] . You endeavor to out manoeuvre your AI or human opponent as you would on a real table top, using real tactics. Once you have moved units, sorted supply, intel etc out, you finish your “turn” hit next, the opponent moves in the same way. At this point Battles will occur, this is where you drop down to the battlemap, to actually fight your battles in realtime.

This is where the actual real time fighting will occur. Here below the Strategic [Strat] layer, on the Battle layer is where your Battle Groups will engage in real time combat. With a far better AI than any tactical wargame until now, with AA class modelling and graphics, pathing, physics etc, you will be able to fight ultra-realistic battles with features that have never been seen before in any game.

What we as developers are aiming to do, is to create a new type of wargame, with brand new features. All it will have in common with past RTS type games is that it will be Real Time. It is essentially an RTTS [Real Time Tactical Simulation]. The aim is to build a game that will eventually cover many time periods, not just WW2. The game will have a host of features, such as civilians who can become insurgents/partisans, booby traps, the ability to realistically model many differing types of tactical warfare from WW2 to Asymmetric, insurgent based warfare.

The Tactical Art of Combat [AOC – Art of Combat] will be an entirely new type of game, the only real RTTS being developed anywhere. The only past title that bears comparison with Art of Combat was the old 90s title Close Combat. The game will feature an enhanced 3D world, real ballistics, physics, and beautiful 3D world. Many features will not have been seen in any other game. We are aiming to produce the ultimate tactical wargame that will get better with each iteration. This is about making the best Tactical Wargame or RTTS [Real Time Tactical Simulation] possible.
Many of today’s strategy games fail to draw in large crowd of players because of the games reliance on a complicated command interfaces that requires a significant number of hours to begin to understand, poor AI and game mechanics. The steep learning curve involved in many games dissuades many causal gamers.

The Tactical Art of Combat aims to avoid this problem by provide the player with a simple command and control interface that a player will fully understand within minutes of starting. True mastery of the game will come to players who learn tactics and monitor their soldiers, not to players who have spent the most time reading an instruction manual.

Two guiding principles are: Options and playing the game as you wish, not as we think you should. If you want to dive right in, quick battles, campaigns, want supply/logistic, pre bombardment, air strikes, morale reality levels, pre deployment, river crossings, want to award medals, auto award them, promote units, make your own unit. All of this is possible, and much more with the Art of Combat. The other vital aspect is modding. We are building game specific editors, allowing for maps creations, unit, insignia, vehicles all are moddable and the game will have its own modding interface. This is a game for the community, a brand new realistic, fun, tactical Wargame / Sim with a genuinely great psychological based AI.

There is a news item about Art of Combat up at Wargamer.

Hope this interests some of you We will keep you posted.

Was gonna post screens and link to site, but not enough posts on this profile lol.

Cheers - Sulla
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Old 04 Apr 16, 18:31
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Herman Hum has a spectacular aura about [400]
Originally Posted by Sulla View Post
The Tactical Art of Combat aims to avoid this problem by provide the player with a simple command and control interface that a player will fully understand within minutes of starting. True mastery of the game will come to players who learn tactics and monitor their soldiers, not to players who have spent the most time reading an instruction manual.
I hope you put in some functional hotkeys. Many games have hotkeys, but they usually only call up displays. Usually, there is absolutely no way to enter orders except by constantly sweeping the mouse back and forth across the screen. I've worn out entire mouse-pads trying to play games like WitP because the atrocious UI only allows for mouse input.
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