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Simulations Flight, tank, naval, and any other Sim players gather here.

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Old 29 Sep 15, 17:18
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Looking for some good WW2 games


So, I've been trying to find the "perfect" wargame for WW2 and I'm now realizing there is no such thing. I was trying to use Men of War Assault Squad 2 because of the editor (want the ability to make my own battles) and all the mods (every nation involved in WW2 and almost every tank and gun used by each country)...but, I don't like the "arcade" feel to is and quite frankly, the GEM editor is touchy and seldom works properly.

So, here I am with a quandry. I want to come up with a game list for the following time frames of WW2.

Germany vs Poland/Low Countries
North Africa 1940-1943
German invasion of Russia 41-43
Russian counter offensives to Berlin 43-45
Pacific Theater 1942-1945
Allied Invasion of Sicily/Italy
D-Day to Berlin

If I could find games that cover these area that would awesome, but I don't have the knowledge of this gaming genre like most of you have. I'm an old school RPG'er/MMO'er who has a love offair with WW2 and I'm moving on from RPG to WW2.

For a point of reference to what I'm looking for in a game I really like the looks of Achtung Panzer Operation Star

I'd also like the Close Combat series of games. They seem historical accurate.

Anyways, if anyone would care to chime in and present some example games that might fit into the above theaters, you have my deepest thanks!

I will say I do want games that have editors where I can create my own battles. If a game is just pre-built scenarios/campaigns, I would pass on those.

Again, thank you so much for reading this and helping me out.
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