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Old 06 Mar 15, 11:45
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inspired zipang anime and Final Countdown

Fleet modern China, accidentally teleported to 1942-1945 era, there will not be any battle Pearl Harbor occurred, no WW2. But China is being occupied by the Japanese, Japanese navy was at the peak of their best. PLAN vs IJN

This scenario does not allow China to carry on Type 094/095 nuclear amerd submarines or any nuclear weapons. The Navy North Sea Fleet will be the main theme of this campaign. And incidentally their opponents may be the 1st Air Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy), was the world's largest aircraft carrier fleet ever. Liaoning aircraft carrier complete with J-15 (x26) & Z-9/8 (x24). Japanese Fleet everything intact thousands of aircraft, Ki, Zero, warships and submarines as Yamato, I-400....

PLAN fleets:
6 Type 052C
3 Type 052D
24 Type 056
13 Type 053
4 Type 053H2G
10 Type 053H3
24 Type 054A
17 Type 051
2 Type 051C
1 Type 051B
2 Type 052
13 Type 039
2 Type 093
3 Type 091
4 Project 956
1 Aircraft Carrier (26 J-15 + 24 Z-9 ASW/ Z-8 Transport)

Imperial Japanese Navy
warships in World War II[1] [2]

Number of units
Battleships 12
Fleet carriers 15
Light carriers 5
Escort carriers 5
Heavy cruisers 18
Light cruisers 25
Destroyers 169
Submarines 184

Marine Corps Forces, the landing ship is part of PLAN forces, they are equipped with assault rifles, RPG/ATGM, IFV / APC (ZBD97/ZBL09) even a few MBT (Type 96/98)

PLAN have 77 warships, 60 submarines (Submarines in this scenario not only submarines equipped with nuclear weapons), 55 amphibious ships and large sized, with 85 small ships equipped with missiles

Aircraft strength 1941
The IJNAS had over 3,089 aircraft in 1941 and 370 trainers.[citation needed]

1,830 first line aircraft including:
660 fighters, 350 Mitsubishi Zeros[11]
330 Carrier based strike aircraft
240 land based twin engined bombers
520 seaplanes (includes fighters and reconnaissance) and flying boats.
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Old 06 Mar 15, 18:18
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Gigo. Garbage in garbage out.

The US had the most planes, carriers, subs. ect...

And yes the plan would've whooped the japs...
Credo quia absurdum.

Quantum mechanics describes nature as absurd from the point of view of common sense. And yet it fully agrees with experiment. So I hope you can accept nature as She is - absurd! - Richard Feynman
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Old 18 Jun 17, 09:14
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Have you read the book "Kirov", it deals with one modern Battlecruiser vs the British fleet. The ability to target vessels beyond their ability to target you is key here, as are guided missles. Of course, modern guided missles would bounce right off the BB's armor...
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