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Gaza Conflicts Discuss the series of conflicts between Israel and Gaza militants.

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Old 04 Aug 14, 23:23
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marktwain has a spectacular aura about [400]
Originally Posted by Cheetah772 View Post
Excellent information.

If HAMAS are building tunnels underground with some buildings providing cover, is IDF demolishing these complexes down as to deny opportunities to conceal tunneling operations and making it easier for IDF to spot them?

Honestly I'm not sure what else IDF can do to reduce the number of tunnels and rocket attacks other than occupying Gaza with an iron fist. I don't think Israelis like that idea either.

You have my sympathies for Israel doing her best in combating HAMAS' incessant attacks.
At your leisure, please define what an iron fist occupation would look like....

If the tunnels are flooded in the Winter storms, the buildings are quickly identified. this allows the Gazans to salvage them.

Remember, the
'animals stealing greenhouse coverings'
a previous poster referred to?

It was terribly cold now.

In eastern Austria, the Russian armies were living off the land, and so were the French in the Tyrol. In the British and American zones between them the UNRRA and other agencies tried desperately to ward off general starvation. Six feet of snow lay in the high passes. For lack of coal the passenger trains were canceled, the electricity often went off at sunset, and the Landestheater was closed. Nella Paulsen spent every evening at the Villa Redl. The newspapers printed pathetic letters from women whose husbands were still prisoners in Russia, whose children were hungry, and who had no home and no hope for the future. Almost every week, counterintelligence agents roared into some mountain village to pick up a concealed Nazi leader whose hideaway had been betrayed by his neighbors. At the cabaret Oase, detectives of the Kriminalpolizei and the American Criminal Investigation Division arrested two Ukrainian DPs and a sergeant from the field hospital who had just sold them twelve ampules of penicillin. The schools were closed because there was no coal to heat them. Hordes of children followed American soldiers in the streets, begging for chocolate and fighting over every tossed cigarette butt. The Gendarmerie at Kufstein captured a band of heavily armed men from a DP camp in Salzburg. Sometimes, without warning, a warm, damp wind called the Föhn came blowing up through the passes from Italy, turning the snow to freezing slush.

I wrote reports and tried to answer questions over the telephone and watched Pinckney try cases and bounced through the rain-splattered cobblestoned darkness in police jeeps crammed with wet uniforms and loaded carbines: raids again on the DP camps; raids on big prosperous farms out in the Flachgau, chickens shrieking across the muddy courtyards, cows bellowing in their stalls, manure and straw and pails kicked across the floor, milkmaids shouting angrily, up the wooden ladders to the highest floors under the shingles, tubs of hoarded butter and bags of flour and crestfallen looks from the farmers; raids on smoky cellar nightclubs, screams and flashlight beams and sullen quarrelsome searches and the boxes of cigarettes and Nescafe' and nylon stockings and cans of Spam and corned beef, the girls then trucked off to the hospital and well-attended venereal examinations; worst of all, the occasional MP raids, clattering up a tenement stairwell in the middle of the night, breaking down a door to find a terrified couple in bed, a blowsy woman and a drunken befuddled AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) from the old Twenty-seventh, and the woman would wail and the children would begin to scream and the soldier would silently get dressed and we would have to take him to the stockade; and sometimes in the black hours before dawn, when I hung up my helmet liner and my dripping parka and my heavy forty-five, I could hear the creaking of bedsprings, and Nella Paulsen moaning in the darkness.

The trout who swims against the current gets the most oxygen..

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